Renowned for his en mode style and bespoke detailing, Mr Waller consistently masterminds stunning interiors for some of Sydney most beautiful homes.

By combining two 1880’s terrace houses and fusing them into one five-bedroom home overlooking Sydney Harbour, the owners of this McMahon’s Point home have achieved an enviable slice of Australian History. To complement this prize, they called in Mr Waller to soften the modernity and reconnect with the heritage of the site.

Combining traditional style and light industrial influences the home is uniquely ‘Sydney’. This is seen in the modish steel finish on the exterior doors and industrial railings in the staircase, which emphasises the historical connection to the iconic Harbour Bridge in the background. This theme is also reflected in the flat panel doors and the recessed skirtings, architraves and shadow lines. Mr Waller’s design is so thorough and careful that the same minimal industrial style of the exterior doors can be seen in the deluxe wine fridges, which showcase an impressive collection.

Representing the Victorian era in the architecture of the home, Australia’s industrial golden age in the minimal but striking designs within and the present day in the effortless contemporary atmosphere, the home is in a spectacular class of its own. True to modern luxury living, the details in the property are a culmination of traditional themes and styles as well as state-of-the-art appliances and finishes.

Luxury Interior Design

The new design has a personal twist. Mr Waller was able to incorporate antique pieces from the owner’s private collection into the language of the home. The neutral black and white palette allows the classic Italian style of the personal pieces’ to add warmth and depth.

From the stylish interior to outdoor spaces, the home has been designed with an emphasis on functionality and maximising the views, whether entertaining guests poolside or at the grand piano, which is hugged by a sculptural curved hallway, or enjoying a solitary moment, taking in the picture-perfect perspective of the harbour from the free-standing bathtub.

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