This house interiors enchant with its charm and flawlessness by incorporating modern and classic styles.

It’s a tough act to arrive at a balance between the classiness of a French traditional style interior and the modernity that is required to make it feel fresh.

This stunning new project by Urkanian based architect / designer Dinara Uisupova, manages to do just that. By limiting the colour palette and with a careful selection of classic pieces she has conveyed elegance and extraordinary taste in every corner of the home.

Every design element is carefully curated in order to fit in the overall tone. A muted French style with elegant lines and a harmonious composition of straight distinctive shapes.

Chandeliers are a key element in every room adding a delicate and powerful statement about the importance of lighting.

A limited inclusion of gold adds glamour in a sophisticated and subtle way, see in this stunning bathroom where it combines with other luxurious elements like high pitched ceilings and marble tiles.

Just because the home is classically styled, it does not exclude technology. The refurbishment also incorporates the concept of a true “smart home” where nearly every element can be remotely controlled, plus both water and air purification.

This home is a stunning example of classic, luxury, interior design that is elegant, sophisticated and timeless.


Uisupova is the head of her own design studio U-Style at Ukraine.You can check more of her work at: