For over three decades, designers at Tim Davies Landscaping (TDL) have been creating gardens tailored to modern life. Each design is a miniature symbolic landscape that affects the entire quality of a home. Taking in the unique needs of the people inhabiting them and their architecture, and tempered by a rich horticultural knowledge and exceptional design sense, TDL has designed, built, and maintained some of the most beautiful gardens in the state.

Nestled throughout this modern tri-level residence overlooking Mosman Bay are a series of unique garden spaces by multi-award winning, landscape design company TDL, each one offering its own unique comforts and surprises whilst beautifully complementing the designer abode with a landscape of equal layering, complexity and luxury.

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Built on a steep sloping site, the property has two entrances and is somewhat of a labyrinth. On the lower level which contains the garage, TDL have planted a sea of Star Jasmine adding texture and fragrance and Juniperus Conferta to create a soft, elegant ground cover. Foliage from the ground level trees brushes up against the terrace above adding greenery and softening the edges of the balcony, enhancing the view.

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With the entry door uniquely positioned at the rear of the home, visitors are lead down a gorgeous laneway of lush greenery that evokes feelings of a hidden pathway to a secret garden.

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An array of varying textures and tones contrast against the clean architectural lines and smooth finishes of the contemporary home, whilst trees and hedging aid in softening the building’s towering boundary walls, creating a sense of privacy and seclusion. Additional features include a richly planted herb garden and a variety of citrus trees which serve to ground this otherworldly garden.

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