With its luxurious hotels, soaring skyscrapers and breathtaking man-made islands, Dubai is well known for futuristic architecture, soon an entire village of spectacular underwater villas currently under construction will be added to the list of astonishing Dubai architecture.

Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of development company Kleindienst who is responsible for the project, says the village is a life-long dream. Surprisingly, the imaginative entrepreneur is not a diver in fact he is afraid of the ocean but has “always been interested to see what is under the sea”. And that you will, with a ‘Floating Seahorse’ home, in fact each three-story retreat features an entire floor submerged beneath the sea, with enormous under windows providing that provide a gallery view to the mesmerizing sea-life.

For those concerned about the effect on marine life, Kleindienst has in fact been preserving marine life as part of the project. For several years they have been going to areas where construction was having a detrimental effect on coral reefs and relocating them to the gulf in order to preserve them.

The design of the villas commenced in 2008 as part of “The World” man-made island project and an estimated 20,000 hours of research design and engineering went into the project to ensure that the villas were both beautiful and seaworthy. The first villa was launched in 2015 and by the end of 2017 a total of 131 of these incredible underwater villas are expected to be complete, offering unparalleled views of the Persian Gulf and marine life. They include larger 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom villas which are estimated to go for around $10 million AUD.

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