Amidst the myriad of options for your landscape design, there is one choice that will not only add striking character and beauty to your surroundings but also contribute to the preservation of Australia’s rich ecological heritage and that is integrating mature trees into your garden from Margaret River Trees.

Understanding the invaluable role that mature trees play in preserving biodiversity and enhancing the beauty of our landscapes, national tree supplier, Margaret River Trees, specialise in the rescue and preservation of mature trees. With a strong commitment to saving Australian native flora from the devastating effects of land clearing, the company focuses on protecting and sourcing magnificent Dragon Trees, Olive Trees, QLD Bottle Trees, and ancient Grass Trees, all of which have become increasingly popular in landscape design.

Their dedicated team combines extensive knowledge and experience to carefully source their stock of mature trees, employing sustainable practices to ensure safe removal and relocation. This is done by partnering with landowners, developers, and communities to salvage these remarkable trees, giving them a second chance to thrive and continue their vital role in our ecosystems.


Among Margaret River Trees’ key specialties is the rescue of mature Grass Trees, colloquially known as ‘black boys’. These unique and iconic plants are some of the oldest living organisms on Earth, with a history spanning thousands of years. By saving them from land clearing developments, Margaret River Trees ensures their survival and contributes to the preservation of Australia’s rich ecological heritage. These low-maintenance trees have a striking sculptural appearance and help combat soil erosion. Beyond their inherent beauty and environmental contributions, Grass Trees hold cultural significance for Indigenous Australians. They are considered living relics, deeply connected to the heritage and traditions of the land. By incorporating a Grass Tree into your garden, you embrace and honour the rich cultural heritage of Australia.


  • Drought tolerant
  • Grown in any soil type
  • Maintenance free
  • Saving Australia’s heritage
  • Suitable in pots or the ground
  • The ultimate garden statement
  •  Ancient great grandaddies of our bush


The Dragon Tree is a sub-tropical plant native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira and Western Morocco. It is so valued in Tenerife that it has been chosen as the Natural Symbol of the island. Unfortunately, it has become a threatened species in the wild.

Mature ornamental Dragon Trees, scientifically known as “Dracaena draco”, hold both historical and cultural significance and have become hugely popular with landscapers because of their strong sculptural appearance, creating a striking focal point within any space they are integrated into.


  • A historically significant tree dating back thousands of years, revered by ancient civilisations
  • Symbolises strength, power, and longevity
  • Distinct tropical aesthetic, with a thick trunk, crown of sword-shaped leaves, and an impressive architectural form
  • Minimal maintenance, thriving in various conditions including dry climates and poor soils and can also be grown in pots
  • Sparks conversations due to its unique appearance and rich history


The Bottle Tree is a hardy and adaptable Australian native. The distinctive round trunks of the bottle tree are not hollow, but the result of swelling due to the water it holds in its trunk. This takes around 5-7 years to develop and gives the tree a comical look, like something from a Dr Seuss book!


  • Unique visually striking appearance
  • Low maintenance and drought tolerant – can withstand arid conditions and lengthy periods without water
  • Longevity Queensland Bottle Trees live for many years, thanks to its robust nature
  • Increase property value due to their unique appearance


Olive trees are first mentioned in scripture when the dove returned to Noah’s ark carrying an olive branch in its beak. Ever since it has been a universal symbol of peace to the world, appearing on the national flags of seven nations, four US states and the flag of the United Nations. Equipped to handle drought, sub-zero temperatures, frost and even fire, olive trees are extraordinarily resilient. Their roots are so strong that they can re-grow even when it seems like they’ve been totally decimated.


  • Low maintenance – olive trees are known for their resilience
    Shade & privacy – with their dense foliage, a mature tree can effectively block unwanted views, reduce noise, and provide shade
  • Potential harvest – while ornamental Olive Trees are primarily grown for their visual appeal, some varieties may produce olives suitable for oil or table consumption

By choosing a ‘one of a kind’ mature tree as a spectacular centre piece for your landscape design from Margaret River Trees, you are also helping to find their cause to protect the irreplaceable beauty of Australian fauna from being lost forever.

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