Designed by Reece Keil Design and built by Tidal Constructions, this gorgeous Mediterranean inspired home was conceived as the builder’s own ‘forever home’ and saw Tidal awarded the 2022 Gold Coast MBA Home of the Year.

Working with an expansive 4497sqm elevated building site in the Gold Coast’s Reedy Creek, a primary focus of the design brief was to take maximum advantage of the spectacular views that extended out to the ocean. This proved a little more difficult with the client’s requesting a two bedroom dwelling to reside in, that needed to be constructed prior to the design being finalised. This required strategic planning and positioning of the dwelling on the site so that it could seamlessly integrate into the final 5 bedroom home design.

Utilising the topography of the site, the home was designed over three levels, creating various ‘wings’ that would optimise the breathtaking views while simultaneously creating distinct living zones within the home. This approach created private spaces to retreat to, while the interconnected living areas foster a sense of unity and interaction throughout the entire residence.

Gold Coast Mediterranean Inspired Home

Pink bathroom

Referencing the Mediterranean inspired design, soft curves and arches feature extensively throughout the home. On the lower level each set of arched doorways allow the home to be seamlessly opened up to the outside to enjoy coastal breezes and the stunning ocean vistas.

A juxtaposition of raw and refined surfaces celebrate the intriguing relationship between these two contrasting elements – this includes extensive use of concrete which has been used in both the construction and internal fabric of the home, creating an interesting dichotomy of contemporary & classic aesthetics which adds to the home’s unique appeal.

This Mediterranean inspired home is a deserving award winner.

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