It’s been 15 years since Andrea de Wind joined Perth’s project lighting specialist Mondoluce, and in that time she’s seen the lighting landscape evolve significantly. “A lot of designers and architects are now putting more emphasis on the important role lighting plays in the environment,” says Andrea. “It’s now not so much about compliance from a technical standpoint, although that of course still needs to be taken into consideration, but rather how lighting makes you feel when you walk into a room.”

Founded on long-standing relationships and strong partnerships, Mondoluce has been sharing its passion with those who understand the significant role lighting plays from an aesthetic and functional perspective since 1995. Providing access to high-quality, world-class lighting brands, forward-thinking advice, comprehensive brand knowledge, innovative design solutions, technical expertise and unsurpassed support. Mondoluce has been able to adapt with the market and economic landscape , with the biggest shift being to encourage people back to the workplace, after extended periods of working from home.“A lot of commercial spaces are now being redesigned to have a more homely atmosphere as a way of making the space more comfortable,” Andrea said. Partnering with international and Australian-made brands, Mondoluce looks at how artificial lighting can best complement natural lighting through features such as wall grazing and wall washing, indirect lighting and furniture lighting, all the while taking into consideration the effects colour rendering, glare and flicker can have on mental wellbeing. “As project lighting specialists, we pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the process from a tailored lens so that we can find the right lighting solution for each individual space.” Embracing the diverse roles that lighting can play for your next project, Mondoluce brings superior and progressive lighting solutions for architectural residential projects.

Whether bringing aesthetic beauty or strategic functionality to a space, lighting plays a vital role. Mondoluce embraces the collaborative approach with industry professionals to provide highly functional and aesthetically-brilliant solutions to every project.

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