A quality piano will last a life-time and is an investment not only in an instrument but a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, therefore choosing the right piano requires the advice of an absolute expert, people who not only know music but know pianos inside and out. In Perth, Snadens Pianos on Stirling Highway in Nedlands are Perth’s undeniable piano experts.

Founded in 1921, Snadens was purchased 22 years ago by Zenith Music, who this year are celebrating their 50th anniversary in the music industry. Zenith has frequently been referred to as “The Best Music Shop in Australia’ sell-ing a diverse range of instruments and music. Father and son team, Lionel and Edward Crainfield have continued to uphold this reputation for outstanding customer service at Snadens where their knowledge and experience is second to none.

Choosing to supply what they consider to be only the best of the best, Snadens’ extensive range incorporates everything from entry level upright pianos to concert grand pianos from brands that may not be as well known to consumers but to pianists are regarded as the leaders in the industry, these include; Kawai, Ronisch and the exceptional Fazioli pianos.

With a reputation as the best pianos in the world, Fazioli pianos combine art and science, highly specified materials and exceptional craftsmanship to produce only 150 pianos a year. Rejecting any industrial approach to production, each piano is created with incredible attention to detail and extensive testing that ensures the uncompromised quality of each and every instrument hand-made in their factory in Italy. The exquisite craftsmanship extends to stunning customised pianos like the ones below.

Fazioli Pianos Perth

‘The Butterfly’ Fazioli piano – designed in conjunction with Bing Thom Architects
who wished to capture the same futuristic qualities as The Butterfly luxury apartment
development in downtown Vancouver.

“Marco Polo’ Fazioli Piano – commissioned by a Chinese client, this exquisite
high-gloss red piano features a hand-painted reproduction of a Canaletto painting
celebrating the ancient connection between Venice and China.

A 24-carat gold leaf completely covers this F228 piano model, giving it a touch of royal prestige. The transparent polyester that protects the gold leaf gives the surface a precious luminosity of iridescent shades.

Snadens are also proud to be the exclusive Perth retailer of Kawai pianos, another brand known for their precision and superior craftsmanship. Founder of Kawai pianos, Koichi Kawai began his career in the late 1800’s working for Yamaha as part of the team that introduced pianos to Japan. When the piano industry in Japan died, Yamaha diversified into other industries whilst Kawai left in 1927 to start his own company focused solely on the production of quality pianos.

Whilst every Kawai piano is built with precision and traditional craftsmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation, at the top end of the Kawai range is the spectacular Shigeru Kawai, concert grand piano. These pianos are created by a select few who have proven themselves through decades of refining their art – master piano artisans who are chosen for their own musical sensibilities and view their work as a profound expression of pride and honour with no time limits on the creation of each Shigeru Kawai, the aim is only perfection. Kawai is now regarded as Japan’s premier piano brand.

Snadens Pianos are located at 161 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands. The Snadens’ team of knowledgeable individuals are ready to assist you to choose the perfect piano for your home.

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