Tired of collecting laundry from all over the house? Laundry Jet is a powered laundry chute system that allows you to send laundry from any room in the house direct to the laundry and back again when it’s done!

Powered laundry chute

Powered laundry chute

Want to know more about Laundryjet – the powered laundry chute? See some commonly asked questions below.

I only have a single storey home will it work for me?
Laundry Jet was first invented with single storey homes in mind as without gravity traditional laundry chutes don’t work. As it uses powerful airflow Laundry Jet can move clothes up down and around over large distances. So even if your laundry room is on the same floor as your bedrooms or bathrooms, Laundry Jet can easily transport your items.

My home has multiple floors can we still install Laundry Jet?
Yes, Laundry Jet also works with multi-storey homes and can send laundry up, sideways and down from multiple locations because it does not use gravity.

How many laundry ports can we install?
The Eco Laundry Jet unit has the option of up to 3 ports. The Laundry Jet Pro has the option of up to 6 ports and the top of the range Laundry Jet Plus can handle up to 8 ports.

My home is already built. Can my home be retrofitted with a Laundry Jet?
Retrofitting the laundry jet into an existing home is a straightforward process. All transport lines are run through the open ceiling space and then drop into existing closet space or into suitable existing sub walls.

For more information go to www.laundryjet.com.au