There is a hotel in Logar Valley, Slovenia where you can enjoy an exclusive snowy mountain view which is claimed by many to be one of the most impressive natural areas in Europe.

Besides the resting and restaurant areas, Plesnik Hotel offers a unique experience called Ayurveda. It’s originally from India and it’s based on health, harmony, long and quality life, herbs and welfare. Logar Valley with its unspoilt nature and tranquillity as well as the architecture offers excellent conditions for this particular wellness method to be achieved.

The hotel consists of two main areas, the traditional inn volume with rooms and restaurant and a new extension that consist of a Wellness Centre where Ayurveda takes place. This centre was designed by Enota who decided to use only local materials mainly stone and timber.  They placed in the interior, undulating walls inspired by the irregularity of Slovenian mountains.

However, the most striking area is found in the main common living room that comes with a sculptural fireplace and a Jacuzzi with a view towards the exterior. Outside you can find a deck composed of rectilinear shapes and neutral materials which allow you to lay back and enjoy the view. At the end of this deck there’s a new pool that comes with a circular resting place with a fireplace. In here visitors witness a never-ending dialogue between fire and water, basic natural elements that accentuate the breathtaking backdrop of the surrounding hills.

Plesnik Hotel now offers this treatment that goes beyond the typical wellness procedures as it uses now spaces purified of all distinct architectural elements and it instead belongs with the nature of the surrounding terrain.

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