No, this is not a movie set for a sci-fi film. For marine-life lovers though this incredible underwater restaurant is something from out of their wildest dreams.

Snohetta just unveiled their design for a restaurant in Norway that will take you literally underwater where you can enjoy the local sea life while you enjoy a curated luxury meal. The complex consists of a bar and restaurant with views to be remembered in what will become Europe’s first underwater restaurant.

The design is bold. A monolithic volume with a ground level entrance that takes you through the bar area gradually to the main area, the aquarium-like hall. The external concrete walls are a meter in length in order to protect from the currents and saltiness of the ocean. The idea is that as time goes by the concrete surface will be taken by reefs and sea-life therefore becoming one with nature.

There’s a romanticism and even drama in the way the architecture is placed in the landscape. For architecture lovers this upcoming project will surely become a must.

This restaurant is currently under construction and it could lead to a curious question. Is it possible to live in a similar structure underwater? Surely a home like this would break any notion of a traditional way of living but if you had a site like this, would you consider living literally with the ocean and its wildlife as neighbours?

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