Building your dream home is for many a once in a lifetime opportunity. A chance to create a home that not only reflects your personality but is also perfectly suited to your individual lifestyle – enhancing every aspect of your life. When choosing the team that you will work with to transform your vision into a reality, it’s important to consider not just their skill and experience but whether they have the creativity and flair to ensure your home is uniquely you.

Perusing their portfolios you’ll find that many builders have an overall similarity in each of their projects – homes that frequently feature the same design styles, materials and finishes throughout. Working however with multi-award winning Pirone Builders you’re guaranteed of an outcome that is far from the cookie cutter approach you receive with other builders, delivering true originality and exceptional quality with every project they undertake.This is because Pirone Builders work closely with a myriad of leading and award winning architects and building designers – each with their own forte’, ensuring Pirone Builders can deliver exceptional homes of every style from classic French Provincial and Hamptons-look homes right through to ultracontemporary minimalist and industrial looks.

As a second generation builder, Pirone Builders’ General Manager, Adrian Pirone has been around building his entire life. His father Mario started Pirone Builders back in the 60’s and a young Adrian would frequently join his father on-site, eventually training and working as a carpenter in the business. After relocating to Perth, Pirone Builders soon forged a reputation as one of Perth’s leading luxury home builders, constructing homes of the highest calibre which were recognised for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Despite now also having a thriving commercial division, Adrian still has a hands on approach and is personally involved in each and every project.

When it comes to resort-style homes there are few better than Chris Clout. Chris has gained a world-wide reputation and an impressive portfolio of awards for his innovative designs. When two companies at the top of their game join forces the results are usually something quite magical, something extraordinary, Pirone Builders are therefore very pleased to be collaborating with Chris Clout, as his chosen West Australian builder, to deliver his unique style of impressive luxury homes to the West Australian residential building market.

Beginning his career as an apprentice carpenter, Chris designed and built the family home at the remarkable age of only 16. Since then Chris has forged a reputation for designing homes that are simply world-class. Although wow factor is a word frequently associated with his homes, at the centre of every design is Chris’s core values which are centred around family life, creating highly functional spaces that bring families together, not simply designing a house but a home in the truest sense of the word. With a focus on open-plan design and spacious interiors that merge seamlessly with exterior living spaces, the contemporary resort-style designs that Chris is renowned for are perfect for the West Australian lifestyle where we enjoy expansive coastal and river regions and views can be maximised.

“Of course we always have and always will design and construct custom homes that are completely tailored to our client’s individual lifestyle and taste, that’s never going to change but we believe Chris is one of the best home designers in Australia right now and we are therefore very honoured to be the only home builder in Western Australia working with Chris” says Adrian “We believe that with Chris’ innovative approach to design and the calibre of our craftsmanship, together we can deliver some truly exceptional homes.”

Pirone Builders’ existing portfolio of luxury homes already includes many stand-out designs and homes with undeniable wow factor, despite this, the collaboration with Chris Clout is for Adrian Pirone an exciting step forward for Pirone Builders in residential construction.

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