Now you’ve taken the plunge and built a custom home you may want to add a bit of spice to the design and add a few unique rooms you wouldn’t see in your average Australian dwelling. The house is your brainchild, and should be uniquely yours, designed to suit your individual likes!

So with this in mind, let’s take a look at some unusual room ideas that may enhance how you live.

Games Room

If you’re a fan of indoor sports such as pool, snooker, and darts then a games room has to be number one on your list of unusual rooms. To do it properly, you’re going to want a completely level floor, the necessary equipment and accessories, and you should consider aspects such as lighting. If you do a little research you’ll probably find that pool tables and the like are better if kept at a certain temperature. As such, you probably want to build temperature regulation into your room design.

The great thing about the games room is that the whole family can use it, and it is the perfect place to entertain guests.

You may want to complete the ensemble by putting in refrigeration for snacks and beer!


If you want something a little different why not install your own casino? Perfect for entertaining friends you can get ideas by watching live play from an Australian casino online and implement what you see in your home. Here are some ideas:

  • Roulette wheel
  • Poker table
  • Blackjack table
  • Craps table
  • Baccarat table
  • Bar and cashier point

The great thing about having your own casino room is that it can be used to entertain guests and you can throw a ‘James Bond’ themed party or similar which is always great fun. Poker nights are great too.

Art Studio

Ideal if you can position the room to catch maximum light, you can create your artistic masterpieces in your very own studio. If you’re clever you can build in clever storage to keep brushes, paints easels and canvases tucked away until you need them. If you are going to go for an art studio you may want to put in washing facilities for the equipment and your hands.

Wine Cellar

There are few people in the world who do not enjoy a great glass of wine. Australian wines are consumed around the world so once your cellar is ready, populating with some great barrels and bottles of wine should be a no brainer.

Once your cellar is up and running why not invite friends over for wine and cheese evenings and wine tastings? Many a great night is to be had enjoying delicious wine with friends and family.

A Theatre Room

If you’ve got young children installing a theater room with a stage, curtain, and staggered tier seating will help to bring out their creative side. This should be accompanied by an extensive dressing room for all the dressing up clothing, and you can have fun with the kids building sets for performances. This is a fantastic addition to a family home and helps your children hone their creative skills.

A little later, and if it is their thing, you can take away the curtain and install a PA system. Perfect rehearsal space for any band with aspirations.

A Great Big Wardrobe

You could simply design a room to be a great big wardrobe with clothes rails, shoe racks, mirrors, makeup tables and the like. This really enhances the quality of your life. You have the space to experiment with styles for those wonderful soirees as and when they arise.

This kind of room is ideal if you have lots of clothes and want a place to keep them where you can look after them properly.

A Library

If you love reading and love books you may want to install a library. Wood, leather, and paper make great combinations so having a place where you can leave the world behind to curl up with a good book is wonderful.

How you design the library is up to you. You may go for traditional so it feels like a study, or you may decide to spice things up with a more modern feel.

Sauna and Spa

There comes a time when you deserve to be pampered so with this in mind why not create a sauna and spa? You can detox until your heart’s content and you can bring in professionals to give you the pampering that makes you feel human again.


The night sky from ‘Down Under’ is something to behold so why not spend time observing it? You can install a decent telescope and fill the room with star maps and the like. It is at the very least a great talking point with guests.

The great thing about building your own house is that you put in it what you want. So make sure you do!