Handblown on the Gold Coast

Beautiful and unique lighting is a critical component in creating a luxurious bespoke finish in your home. Soktas is one of Australia’s most innovative lighting manufacturers.  Working out of their Currumbin studio, dynamic team, Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts create spectacular handblown glass lights that have earned them a cult following and a loyal clientele who closely watch the progress and evolution of their designs.

Inspired by the natural world, Oliver uses the skills and techniques he has been perfecting since 2001 to create each signature style. Due to the rigorous and intense process of shaping molten glass at around 1000°C,  every single piece is bespoke and uniquely beautiful.

One of their most popular collections is the Coral range. Spherical and soothing, the Coral range is a gentle homage to the natural world surrounding the glass-blowing studio. Casting soft warmth, the pieces mimic the soothing effect of natural light reflected off surf and sand and the texture of Queensland’s alluring coral reef systems.

The Soktas coral series is perfect as a single model but can also be styled in colonies of duo or trios in the pendant and wall light series. The Coral Wall Light series is a perfect example of the effect multiple discs has. Beyond a lighting fixture, the Swedish glass becomes a free-form art feature. Installation can be horizontal or vertical, as pictured.

The Coral pendants are a dynamic series. Available as drop lights or organised into an ethereal ring, these unique lighting fixtures include between one and ten of the characteristic discs suspended to create the perfect ambience in the room.

For an even more flexible form, the Coral Organic range is less controlled and is allowed to move and form as it pleases during the glassblowing process. The Coral Organic range comes with all of the customisations of the other ranges as well as the added individuality of a less controlled shape.

The Coral Stone Wall Light is a recent adaptation of the best seller. Now available with a stone back plate, the iconic model now has more texture and more depth. The Laminam Calce Bianco back plate has a pure, light concrete look which reflects the light of the handblown glass. The plate blends seamlessly with white and cream walls or creates a gentle contrast with darker tones.


Each piece is hand blown by the beach in Currumbin, and the series is highly customisable and adaptable to suit different themes. Available in frosted or clear options, each piece is lovingly made in the same traditions passed down by glass blowers for centuries. The traditional techniques ensure distinctive beauty in each piece as the process includes naturally occurring bubbles and variations in colour intensity. Despite their commitment to the heritage passed down by Oliver’s father and grandfather, who were master glass blowers in Holland, the Soktas lighting collections are the perfect modern pieces as they are compatible with dimming technology and can be adapted to an industrial, contemporary or coastal style through just a few customisable options.

The diverse assortment of lighting styles in the Coral series means you can pick the light that best works for your aesthetic. The ability to choose the materials within your light is an important factor in this process. Beautiful matte and powder-coated metals in suspension rods and cover caps define the ambience of the room and the way the light defines it. From black, white, bronze, steel and brass, the team are happy to help you style the Coral series in any setting.

The inspired pieces are handmade, and each features its own patterns, textures and shape. No Soktas light will ever be the same, yet the Coral series maintains consistency in its quality and innovation and the sentiments they inspire.

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