The versatility and creativity of steam cooking makes a Miele Steam Oven truly a kitchennecessity in order to deliver the most flavoursome and healthy cooking results.

As Miele’s Ambassador, chef and restaurateur, Shannon Bennett of Melbourne’s renowned Vue de monde restaurant attests whether the choice is a built-in pure steam oven, a built-in steam combination ovenor a benchtop pure steam model, each offers a multitude of applications to support the creativity of the home cook.

“In all my kitchens, a Miele steam oven is not an option, it’s a necessity,” says Shannon.

The steam oven is such a versatile cooking appliance able to create so many dishes, limited only by the imagination!

A Miele Steam Oven can be used to prepare amazing desserts – Crème Brûlée, Lemon Delicious and even éclairs, to name but a few. Also savoury dishes can be created with ease. One popular Shannon Bennett recipe is a nourishing Beef Pho while a number of fish meat and game dishes are made easily using a steam oven. Why not try Steamed Buns with Confit Duck where again the Miele Steam Oven is the hero.

With a Miele Steam Oven, the results are exceptional as steaming intensifies the food’s natural flavours while retaining its nutritional goodness.

This is achieved as these ovens gently envelope the food items in steam, operating without pressure, in a precisely controlled temperature range of 40–100°C made possible by the external steam generation principle. Bread, a delicate fish dish or robust meat dish, vegetables, rice and wonderful desserts, whatever the dish, the outcome is sensationally delicious!

Furthermore for busy households, defrosting has never been easier or gentler while reheating retains flavour and texture without drying out the food. Miele steam ovens can also assist to make yoghurt, cook eggs and disinfect baby bottles.

For added convenience, a Keep Warm function prevents food from cooling down by automatically keeping it at serving temperature for 15 minutes after the cooking process is completed.