Art is a beautiful way to communicate and commemorate. Placed in visual sight it continues to remind the recipient of the person who gave it to them. Well chosen art can also be a wonderful  investment, which really makes art the perfect gift that continues to appreciate in both sentimental and financial value. If you want to brighten someone’s walls as well as their face this Christmas, take a look at a selection of  some of Australia’s leading investment artists below.

David Bromley and Yuge Bromley of  Bromley & Co take on bold, passionate and creative projects that capture the spirit and style of Australian art in an iconic way. Featuring David’s work from several of his series, Bromley & Co have a  fabulous selection of wonderful gifts in all price points from cushions and throws to limited edition prints and of course original artworks.



The Nostalgic Children’s series promises joy and curiosity. The works take their audience back years, decades to their own childhood and establish the connection between children throughout time. From your first pet to enigmatic characters and the possibility of adventure, the Nostalgic Children’s series represents the imagination and novelty that come with the innocence of childhood.



The Birds and Blooms pieces are a brilliant combination of anatomy and art. Bright colours and engaging scenes attract the beholder as eyes flicker from subject to subject.



Tracie Eaton

Tracie is an expressive, modern Australian artist. Painting out of her Gold Coast studio, Tracie creates ‘Passion Art’. Each original painting has an unmistakable energy with raw,. In 2022, Tracie Eaton was one of only 30 artists awarded the Leonardo da Vinci International Award – the Universal Artist.” In 2021 she was recognised by the GAA as one of the Leading, Investible Contemporary Artists worldwide.

It’s easy to see why her work is so widely appreciated, as the colour and texture of each piece draw you in and force you to acknowledge the movement and energy, Tracie invites commissions but also houses a collection of paintings with beautiful colour theory and soothing or evocative colour palettes. Tracie’s abstract art tugs at the heartstrings of human culture and emotion. Evening Peace represents a shared human experience as well as the universal desire to reach the stars and appreciate the insignificance of the individual in the big world. The peace is tranquil and soothing to the psyche.

EVENING PEACE Dimensions 500 × 40 × 1100 mm

Felicia Aroney

Sydney based artist Felicia Aroney is an expert at using texture to communicate. Working with oils and acrylics, and using primarily a palette knife, Felicia’s unique, highly sculptural style has ensured of her enduring collectability, From powerful landscapes to ethereal blossoms and distinct hydrangeas, her work is a synergy of her European heritage and modern Australian living. Her most recent series is a body of work inspired by the magical properties of crystals. Expressive of beauty and believed to have healing and strengthening properties, crystals are unique and capture the eye in the same way that art does, making them a wonderful subject for abstract art.

The subtle warmth in the divine piece ‘Tigers Eye’ accentuates the blend of blue, white and mauve and beautifully represents the tones and lines that naturally occur in a tiger’s eye crystal. Just as the timber and gold paint stand out against the other soothing hues, the tiger’s eye crystal is believed to inspire courage, grounding and protection.

“Tigers eye” 23x23cm Acrylic on canvas, oak box framed $600

“Amethyst” 23x23cm Acrylic on canvas, oak box framed $500

Also, in the crystal range, the ‘Amythyst’ piece stands out as an accurate representation of the properties of the stone. Amethyst stones were sacred to many cultures, particularly the ancient Greeks, who attributed them to health and relief from Anxiety and Stress. 

Maritsa Micos

Maritsa’s work leaves a lasting impression on all interacting with them. Influenced by changing environments and landscapes, Maritsa uses layers of mark-making that deconstruct the literal forms by recreating the subject. Maritsa’s unique interpretation gives power to the colours and movement of different scenes. Maritsa is able to combine bold colour and spirited movement with calm and reflective atmospheres. While Marista leaves ample room for interpretation, the inspiration behind the works is clear,

THE CONVERSATION 100cm x 100cm  $3400
SUBMERGED 115cm x 115cm $3400 

Girt by Sea Project

The Australian landscape is an ever-changing art form of its own, and no one has captured this phenomenon like photographers Denis Glenon and Tony Hewitt of the Girt by Sea project. Picking apart one of the most iconic lines in the nation’s anthem, the two men embarked on the journey of a lifetime, circumnavigating Australia in a light aircraft and taking incredible images of the spectacular coastline. The spectrum of colours and scenes makes the art an abstract homage, and the resulting images are available for purchase. Customers can purchase the portfolio of images that have been compiled in a table book, or individual images can be bought by locality. Girt by Sea is an inspired representation, close to home yet a world away.

GIRT BY SEA 016 $1,250.00

GIRT BY SEA – 100  $1,250.00

Katrina Read

One of Australia’s most eminent artists, Katrina has work in public and private collections around the world. Having lived and worked extensively throughout Asia, Katrina has a deep respect for the culture and the people. Her work in the Prosperity Series is a gentle, respectful fusion of the Eastern and Western cultures that have shaped her. The Prosperity Series features Koi fish in work that inspires deep contemplation and tranquility. Through diverse colour palettes and fluid forms, each artwork beautifully conveys the noble symbolism of the Koi, even with limited context of its significance in Eastern cultures. Katrina has studied under Chinese Feng Shui Masters and developed her own unique style of painting Koi into a canvas in a contemporary setting to suit modern homes

CLARITY 180cm x 120cm $28,800 

AQUEOUS – 110cm x 110cm $14900

Rue de France

Specialising in everything European and Antique. George and Dodie, proprietors of Rue de France and Ophelia Fine arts, have been dealing in remarkable antiques for over 35 years and have spent much of that time restoring artworks from some of the most renowned Art Schools and impressionists. With a degree in Fine Arts and the completion of an art restoration course under their belt, Dodie and George have knowledge and industry experience rarely found in Australia. Through a painstaking restoration process, they are able to rediscover a history in unexpected ways and bring vibrant European culture to the Southern Hemisphere. This Antique French oil painting, Portrait of Lady, is estimated to be from the mid-19th century and is a classical masterpiece. Expressing timeless femininity and creating a sentimental mood, the piece is framed in a period french gilt gesso style.

Antique French dog oil painting $2,850.00

Antique French portrait of a lady oil painting $5,250.00