When it comes to world-class cuisine the French have a rich and extensive history that the world has strived to emulate. Going hand-in-hand with the food, is of course the cookers themselves, and with a legacy of over 200 years, none has more significance than Lacanche.

Established in the small town of Lacanche in the heart of Burgundy, way back in 1796, Lacanche cookers have been manufactured by hand there ever since and they have been a favourite of world leading chefs across the globe. Used by notable chefs such as Matt Moran, Guy Grossi and Rachael Ray these culinary sensations were originally created for commercial use and the quality and consistency in temperature has ensured that they have remained a preferred choice for chef’s worldwide.

Lacanche ovens are notorious for their bright porcelain enamel facades and the charming old-world aesthetic unique to the French provincial theme. Despite the recognisable design, the pieces are highly customisable in colour, trim, burner configuration, oven type, range height and gas type. As an official retailer of the brand, Sydney’s Malcolm St James makes this process easier and more accessible within Australia 0 from the design process to the replacement of individual parts. But the legacy of Lacanche ovens extends much further than the range of 31 colour finishes, unique accessories and customisation options.

More on the History of Lacanche Ovens
The Lacanche story has been inspired and built upon by centuries of French passion and culinary excellence. The town of Lacanche is dotted with vineyards and small farming villages and the provincial lifestyles have defined and launched French recipes with an emphasis on tradition, quality and locally sourced ingredients. The region is located in proximity to four major rivers that run out to England, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean; a beautiful metaphor for the impact and global notoriety of Lacanche Ovens.

The iron-rich soil of the region has long been acknowledged and the site of the Lacanche factory was originally an ironworks. The site has supported the iron industry since the 18th century. In 1796 this land was given over to the care of Jacques-Etienne Caumartin whose family maintained control over the company until 1972. From the site, the oven factory inherited the skills and philosophy of the original foundry which blossomed into an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and the skilled artistry that remains among its 200 employees.

In 1981 the company was sold but has retained the core values that the founders established, under the ownership of André Augagneur a former employee with a deep love of the company’s history and the future of its legacy. The appreciation for the product and process far outweighs the drive for mass production that often over-rules other luxury appliance companies.

The Lacanche quality is unrivalled and has evolved over time with the change in technology and lifestyles without compromising the quality. It’s no wonder that chefs love these ovens, Lacanche has not only provided the world with groundbreaking, beautiful technology but has also maintained the economy of the small town it takes its name from. Hiring locals who share the same passion, passing down the skills and translating ‘the human touch and happy working atmosphere’ into products that bring hearty comfort and happiness into your home.

For Lacanche Ovens in Australia, Malcolm St James based in Drummoyne is the premier Sydney Lacanche Oven showroom. The outstanding service provided by Malcolm St James includes unequalled access to the world’s finest handmade kitchen and bathroom products from exquisite French provincial to the elegance of stately homes Malcolm St James effortlessly creates old-world charm with the convenience and ease of contemporary living.


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