There’s nothing quite as decadent as black Perigord truffles and a gorgeous range of gourmet products from West Australian truffierie, Stonebarn, located in WA’s southwest region is giving truffle lovers and gourmets the joy of adding a touch of truffle to their everyday meals.  

Every product in Stonebarn’s gourmet collection features real black Perigord truffle (Tubor Melanosporum) which are grown on the property from over 2000 truffle producing trees. The range includes truffle salt spiked with large pieces of black truffle, truffle mustard, truffle mayonnaise, truffle aioli, truffle oil, truffle honey, truffle seasoning, truffle chili sauce, truffle Caesar dressing and French truffle dressing with even more truffle products to come. 

Stonebarn supplies many of Australia’s most renowned restaurants with fresh truffles, along with celebrated chefs in the USA, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries worldwide.

The inspiration behind creating this exquisite range of real truffle products came from feedback from chefs who said they were having to re-educate their customers on what true truffle tasted like.

“These chefs were putting fresh truffle in front of their diners only to find they were comparing it to what they had tasted in so called ‘truffled’ or ‘truffle-flavoured’ products, and the experience was a confusing one,” explains Stonebarn’s Manager Director Dion Rangé.

“We wanted to ensure Australians understood and appreciated what real truffle tastes like, and could enjoy it any time of year, not just in the fresh truffle season. You’ll find real black Perigord Truffle – the most expensive black truffle in the world – front and centre in every one of our products, all estate grown in the home of Australia’s best truffles, the Manjimup region in WA.”

Stonebarn’s delectable range of truffle products can be purchased online at Some of Stonebarn’s most popular truffle products are featured below.

Australian Black Truffles
Black Truffle in Jar
Black Truffle Lake Salt 100g
Black Truffle Aioli 120g
Australian Black Truffles
Black Truffle Seasoning Pack
Australian Black Truffles
Black Truffle Oil 100 ml

Australian Black Truffles

Truffle Hamper


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  •  Stonebarn truffles are black winter French Perigord truffles (tuber Melanosporum) which are the most expensive black truffles in the world.
  • Stonebarn is the only trufflerie in WA with HACCP certification for production, packing and distribution
  • Stonebarn’s truffle products are also manufactured in a HACCP certified production facility.
  • In 2018 Stonebarn Truffles were awarded Gold Medal by the Australian Food Awards.