Giulians Black Opals

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I found under my tree, stunning black opals, Australian history.

Known for inspiring creative stimulation and ingenuity black opals are among the most valuable and widely sought after stones. Giulians Australian Black Opals are strikingly characteristic of our great southern land’s beauty, grace and history. Containing traces of carbon and iron oxide they have unusual but mesmerising darkness to them which draws out the stones vibrant colours more remarkably than traditional opals. Giulians collection of black opals are diverse and beautifully crafted into timeless, elegant pieces.

Christmas gift ideas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Black Opal Art Deco Pendant


The spectacular 18ct Gold, Black Opal, Diamond and Citrine Earrings are a beautiful example of the work Giulians Jewelers can achieve. Feminine and bespoke they feature a variety of stones that showcase deep turquoise and invigorating but subtle earthy hues in the precious gems. With tremendous skill and care, Giulians have curated a set that will never be replicated or seen again, truly one of a kind each opal is perfectly balanced by its setting but also perfectly unique.
Christmas gift ideas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Black Opal, Tsavorite and Diamond Ring


Lose yourself in the beautiful patterns and colours of these Art Deco-inspired Black Opal Rings. Striking and beautifully symmetrical the rings feature two very different stones surrounded by diamonds, emeralds and sapphires in an 18ct white gold setting. As a part of the Giulians 50th Anniversary collection, the pieces are reflective of the companies compelling history and the way they have shaped Australian jewellery.

Christmas gift ideas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Black Opal and Diamond Drop Stud Earrings


For a more masculine gift, the 50th Anniversary Collection also features a three-part cufflink and chainset. The soft yellow gold “Artist pallet” cufflinks complete with miniature paintbrushes are another tribute to the creative and inspiring nature of Opals. Accompanied by a beautifully crafted 18ct yellow gold mesh necklet and fancy link chain the collection makes the perfect gift for any gentleman.

Reflective of an immense inland sea Opals often reflect the colours of earth and seem to hold an entire universe in their bright appearance. Attributed to positive energy and healing powers they are an excellent way to bring creativity and light into the lives of those you love. This can be exquisitely achieved through.