When it comes to interior design and creative expression, apartment living is often considered to be far more restrictive than a house. However, Intrim has proven, yet again, that this is far from true and even the most subtle changes can make a world of difference, as demonstrated in this gorgeous McMahons Point home. By combining a selection of their signature wall panels, skirting and inlay moulds, Intrim Group has redefined the character of the space to create a classically beautiful, luxury interior.

The living room is the hero of the project. Intrim IN16 inlay mouldings have been used to create large
ceiling-to-floor wainscoting panels adding elegance to the space and beautifully framing the contemporary artworks. The symmetry of the panels draw the eyes toward the sun-drenched enclave which has been fitted with custom bench seating to sit and relax and enjoy the spectacular 180-degree views of Sydney, that take in the Harbour Bridge and city skyline.

Pairing chair rail CR12 and inlay mould IN16 in the hallway Intrim Group have achieved the
perfect amount of detail in an often overlooked space. The sweeping halfway is also a
high-traffic area, and so Intrim has added an extra layer of protection to the walls by supplying
beautiful skirting boards and architraves in the SK450 style.

One popular element that is achieved through wainscoting is a secret door leading to a pantry, storage space or even, as in this case, another room. The perfect, symmetrical paneling has enabled the design team to hide the doorway between the living area and hall.

Intrim’s quality mouldings are the result of centuries of design trends. Born out of a need to
protect walls and floorboards, trimmings and skirting boards started as a functional element that has since become a stylish and sophisticated design trend that can be translated into prestigious homes in both traditional and contemporary themes. It’s a stylish way to frame and protect high-traffic areas and is one very simple way to elevate the tone of your home.

The original shell of the property was outdated and under-appreciated but thanks to the help of Intrim and the design and build team, this home has now been transformed into a luxurious and stylish residence fitting of its spectacular harbour-side location.

This McMahons Point apartment is an excellent example of the classic style and effects that can be achieved with Intrim’s easy-to-install panels and mouldings. See more at www.intrimmouldings.com.au