Let’s face it bare walls can be, well… boring. Undressed and empty, they represent a missed opportunity to define your home’s true aesthetic. Intrim Group is an Australian-owned and operated family business that has designed and developed a wide range of finely crafted timber mouldings that beautifully addresses the problem of ordinary walls. With over 25 years of experience helping customers create classic interiors, their business has evolved and grown into a designer’s dream.

This Pott’s Point home beautifully demonstrates how wainscoting and complementary skirting from the Intrim range have been combined to create a luxurious bespoke finish. Using different-sized frames and profiles the mouldings enhance artwork and furnishings and showcase some of the creative ways in which Intrim’s products can be used.

Wainscoting panels are a fantastic form of decorative wall paneling. Originally used as a form of insulation, adding an additional layer where the floor meets the walls, wainscoting dates back as far as the 16th century. Its modern use is generally pure aesthetic adding a stylish, sophisticated finish and a surprising value to your home’s interiors. Intrim believes that wainscoting is more than a simple combination of mouldings. Strategic styles, thickness and material choices can be used to bring life to your home and highlight artworks , feature lighting, furnishings and more.

Wainscoting is a diverse tool that can be used to enhance a variety of architectural styles from colonial to contemporary, Hamptons to French Provincial, Intrim has a wide selection of wainscoting panels and styles to go with its diverse collection of materials. This broad range creates the opportunity to incorporate a few surprising secrets into your home’s design.

In this stunning inner city home, ordinary white walls have been transformed, and the panels have also been used to seamlessly blended a hidden cupboard into the walls of the living room.

This Potts Point home features a modern French Provincial style, utilising the Intrim IN23 timber inlay moulding and accompanying CR22 chair rail to create the classic, sophisticated finish. The dramatic angles and soft curves of the moulding add dimension to the walls and can be customised to meet the needs of your home in a range of timbers and finishes as well as a multitude of widths and thickness. Opting to install the mouldings in the same colour as the walls of the home has defined the home in a clean, uncomplicated fashion.

The use of the Intrim SK110 for skirting boards and architraves provides the ultimate frame for the sophisticated mood of the apartment. With a traditional silhouette, the SK110 is carried through the home, hugging windows and walls to maintain continuity within the walls. Although traditionally a French Provincial design, this model works well with the Edwardian flooring and finishes in the otherwise modern apartment.

Take a look at Intrim’s complete range of responsibly sourced, innovative and easy-to-install products on their website www.intrimmouldings.com.au