If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then your engagement ring should be so much more than that – your soul mate maybe? Whether you’re the one proposing or the one being proposed to the chosen ring is a symbolic reflection of your relationship and Evoka Jewellery believes your engagement ring should be every bit as magical. Evoka’s collection of bespoke and beautiful engagement rings are sure to set the tone for your nuptials be they royally romantic or dazzling and dreamy.

With a focus on breathtaking diamonds and coloured gemstones, Evoka Jewellery designs and meticulously handcrafts each piece to be symbolic and meaningful. Stepping outside the stereotype, Evoka’s stunning engagement rings are inspired by vintage European settings but with a unique twist. Rather than relying on the conventional diamond Evoka has redefined the concept by introducing vibrant colour to the traditional engagement ring using a variety of gorgeous gem stones.

Luxurious and meticulously handmade, Evoka has a selection of stylish and expressive rings premade and in-store for you to fall in love with.

Realm Passion 14KT white gold diamond pink tourmaline ring

Ethereal and dramatic, contemporary rings like the ‘Realm Passion’ piece are an expression of femininity and feminine power. The sunset pink tourmaline is framed by six diamonds on either side and set in a 14kt white gold band. Soft and refined this piece is a romantic gesture for a dreamy relationship.

Luxury Engagement 1

Sovereign Bliss 10KT white gold diamond tanzanite ring

In true regal fashion, the Sovereign Bliss Tanzanite ring pays homage to the iconic pairing of clear diamond and royal blue. Hugged by a ring of twelve diamonds the bold 1.55ct tanzanite stone is complemented by a 10kt white gold band. Playful and timeless this piece is perfect for the woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to break the mould to get it.

Luxury Engagement 4

Sovereign Wild14KT white gold diamond ruby ring

The Sovereign Wild Diamond and Ruby Ring is a lavish work of art. The ambitious rich hue of the rubies is balanced by diamonds and white gold without overshadowing the attention-grabbing 1.95ct feature ruby. This gorgeous limited edition design tells a story as unique as its wearer. Its red facets inspire confidence and bold feminine energy every time she sees it.

 Luxury Engagement

Sovereign Mystic14KT white gold diamond sapphire ring

Luxury Engagement 3

If these pieces have inspired you but you’re searching for a custom ring or even to reignite the beauty of a family heirloom, Evoka has the expertise and passion to translate your story into a meaningful and expressive piece you can proudly pass on for generations.

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