Boutique meets Hollywood, meets luxury hotel ENVY in a remarkable Hillarys renovation by Academy Custom Interiors where an adjoining bedroom was transformed into a stunning dressing room seamlessly merging with the existing sumptuous master suite.

The homeowners live in three places on three continents so required a custom wardrobe which, when they were residing elsewhere, ensured their clothes and accessories were protected and kept in immaculate condition. Working closely with designer Moda Interiors, Academy Custom Interiors achieved this with custom-made sliding glass doors shipped from the east to protect the clothing from any possibility of dirt or dust ingress whilst maintaining visual access and feelings of light and space.

Wardrobes Perth Custom Homes WA

Floor to ceiling mirrors conceal an original electrical cupboard, cleverly reflecting the bespoke wallpaper, immaculate cabinetry and creating further impressions of openness and luminosity.

A separate make-up area, with lit up-shelves display a collector’s perfumery whilst an expansive 2.5 metre high and wide shoe area, also enclosed with glass doors, beautifully displays a remarkable shoe collection. Special hangers space items out, avoiding crushing any clothes no matter how full the wardrobe. Academy Custom Interiors is a family business with over 25 years’ experience in creating bespoke, exceptionally functional wardrobes and home offices.

They offer a uniquely personalised service where the owners work directly and closely with every customer. Despite repeat business and being in ongoing high demand, the husband, wife and son team have chosen not to grow any bigger, preferring instead to maintain their exclusivity, integrity and personalised care and attention to detail.

U7/4 Achievement Way, Wangara
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