Australian-born surrealist William Higginson has garnered international recognition for his intriguing, provocative artworks that can be found in private collections across the globe. Influenced by a myriad of life experiences including illness, military service, and extensive travel, Higginson’s art serves as a profound means of personal and artistic expression. Through his creations, he has discovered art’s transformative power, serving as a gateway back to life during challenging times.

Speaking of those challenging times Higginson has said, “At 11 years old, a close encounter with death only intensified my absorption in the arts. In the aftermath of a leukemia diagnosis and a liver failure that left me in a coma for several days, I remember only going to school to attend art class. I would stay in the art room as long as I physically could. As a cancer survivor, I watch time very closely and appreciate absolutely every extra second that I can make the most out of life. Cancer makes the things that truly matter the most in this life seem so simple and so crystal clear.”

As an artist, my creative process delves deep into my subconscious, where the myriad influences from my life inevitably mold and inspire my work. Some of my recurring themes pay homage to Dali.”

Motivated by his belief that art has the ability to change one’s perspective on the world, Higginson aims to provoke thought, evoke emotions, and ignite introspection with each piece. The beauty lies in the unpredictability of emotional responses his art elicits, as each viewer embarks on a unique and personal inner adventure. “I love guiding the viewer through these stories as if guiding them through a puzzle. I can include symbolic messages in a painting that can instantly trigger someone’s memories, emotions, or understanding. I find that my work is like a Rorschach inkblot test. The way someone interprets it is usually a reflection of their own inner thought process and outlook on life.” he says

“The Kings and Queens of Swords”, 2022, 60″ x 72″, Oil on Linen

“Check”, 2018, 60″ x 100″, Oil on Linen

Chess boards and pieces are a theme that feature prominently in Higginson’s work. “I grew up playing chess with my older brother who was a chess champion. I could never win but I loved the challenge, and that pretty much sums up my perspective of everyday life. It is all about enjoying the game no matter what the outcome is.”
For Higginson, the sheer reward lies in providing others with a profound and gratifying journey through his artwork.

“A Zero Game For Sum”, 2018, 56″ x 78″, Oil on Canvas

“A Night on the Town”, 2019, 48″ x 91″, Oil on Canvas

“That Old Bald Cheater”, 2019, 60″ x 60″, Oil on Canvas

“Swallow The Sun”, 2020, 40″ x 40″, Oil on Canvas

“Gambit”, 2021, 36″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas

“The Mountains You Will Move”, 2022, 48″ x 72″, Oil on Canvas

“Benjamin’s Balloon”, 2019, 48″ x 48″, Oil on Canvas

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