Almost every home has some redundant space, an area in an awkward-shaped room that doesn’t quite work, a void below the staircase or perhaps a spare room that serves as an empty reminder of hobbies long forgotten. One of Vine and Vault’s many specialties is the brilliant conversion of these unused or under-appreciated areas into fabulous custom-built wine cellars, transforming your unused space into something that is not only functional but can also become a wonderful feature or highlight of your home adding value in more ways than one.

For 26 years Vine and Vault have provided the highest quality custom-built wine cellars and racking systems to residential and commercial clients Australia-wide. Working with architects and designers or directly with homeowners they deliver uncompromised craftsmanship and attention to detail. This takes the form of stylish wine storage solutions that involve luxury options like cellar conditioning, steel windows and doors and a multitude of storage and racking options.

Vine and Vault specialise in taking advantage of an unused room or cupboard and creating a wine-lovers haven. With customisable shelving, racking, multiple fridges, cabinetry and bar spaces, they work with the spaces you might not even know you have.

This Buleen wine cabinet situated in the family dining room blends beautifully into the home interiors. Perfectly positioned to make wine storage accessible and unobtrusive, the wine cabinet adds to the room’s atmosphere. By breaking up the solid black cabinetry with a variety of collectible wines viewed through a glass facade on two sides, the room becomes more welcoming and appears more spacious. This is one excellent example of Vine and Vault’s ability to transform your unused spaces to meet your needs and suit your lifestyle.

Vine and Vault’s products really shine in large projects like this walk-in garage cellar. Housing thousands of bottles in climate-controlled spaces, the homeowners can sort and showcase their favourite vintages in a safe, specialised environment.

From walk-in wine cellars to wine walls and cabinets, Vine & Vault will design a professional wine storage solution to meet your specific requirements and are able to meet the needs and desires of the most discerning wine connoisseurs. Utilising high quality glazing and architectural steel from their own in-house steel fabrication, Vine & Vault are able to manufacture windows and doors in various sizes, style and profiles meeting all Australian standards and energy ratings.

Whether you’re building your new dream home, you have a new empty nest or you’ve finally cleared out the storage room, Vine and Vault are absolute experts in wine cellar design and will transform your available space into a functional and efficient wine storage solution that will add style and value to your home.

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