At the heart of Big Blue’s philosophy is Nature. Big Blue Company is inspired by nature and the qualities of treasures of the sea and empowered by the need to sustain them. Through a combination of 3d printing technology, an underwater camera and a healthy dose of tenacity Bib Blue has designed and produced a range of 100% ‘ingenuine’  resin stone giant clams, corals and shells replicating their real counterparts.

Nature Cascade

Global warming and an avalanche of plastic are wreaking havoc on our precious oceans. Marine life is in peril meaning, more than ever before, our coral reefs and their natural treasures need our protection. But our obsession with collecting mementoes from the oceans remains undimmed. What if there was a way of celebrating the beauty of nature, shells and coral in our homes without harming our fragile marine eco-systems?

Inspired by their love of the ocean Big Blue Company has drawn upon their business and interior design backgrounds to create a breathtakingly natural realistic collection of replica shells and corals, all crafted from sustainable materials.

Nature bottle


Nature shells

Nature books

Nature in jars


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