Four poster beds are directly related to the royalty of many countries around the world. Whether made of timber, metal, iron or acrylics they all bring a specific vibe that transforms the simplest room into a regal one.

If you’ve always fancied sleeping like royalty, then the great news is four poster beds are back in and there are many contemporary twists on the four poster bed that are far from the traditional baroque style that it’s often associated with. Here are 12 fabulous four poster beds that will inject a grandiose yet chic and fresh feeling to your bedroom.

Source: Forty Winks

Springwood is a cubist take on a four-poster bed. Available from Forty Winks

Source: Heal’sSource: Rachel Ray Source: DuanSource: Universal Furniture

If you want to introduce a more sleek and delicate vibe, then probably metallic poster beds such as the following are best for you.

Source: KDVA ArchitectsSource: Cartelle Design Source: Igor Sirotov

Finally, there are very creative ways to use iron that can be melded into organic forms and curves.

Source: Casamidy Source: KembleSource: Luxe Home Philadelphia