Designing or renovating the external elements of a home can be a costly and confusing process. This extra cost and confusion are often made much worse when considering a complete visual transformation, including materials and suppliers, but have you considered Bruhn Limestone?

Limestone is a durable material formed from lace corals over 30 million years ago. With classic aesthetics, thermal and acoustic benefits, and pleasantly surprising low-cost Bruhn Limestone is a natural, practical and stylish choice.

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Family run and Australian owned for over 80 years, Bruhn limestone has added class and style to over 7000 Australian homes. Their service is at the forefront of the industry with a preceding reputation and long-standing relationships with tradespeople and customers. Quarring pure limestone from the Mt Gambier mine in South Australia, the passionate team at Bruhn handles the material at all stages of the process. By managing the transportation, distribution and building stages, Bruhn can ensure quality at every step. This dedication also allows them to eliminate extra costs and therefore keeps their prices low and competitive.

Bruhn Limestone is varied and highly customisable with a wide range of mouldings, column choices and finished facades. Comprised of calcium carbonate, the stone is characteristically pale in appearance. However, the Bruhn range is available in a variety colours, from light creams to rich biscuit hues. These factors make it the perfect material for any home, be it French provincial, Georgian or classic contemporary.

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More affordable than sandstone but retaining stunning visual effects, Limestone is also a practical choice. Bruhn Limestone has all the added benefits of more effective thermal and acoustic properties for the same price as a brick and rendered home. For more detailed information regarding the benefits of Limestone, see the linked article below.

Bruhn’s services extend across state borders to all states and territories with a comprehensive list of staff and connections. Specialising in Western and South Australian Limestone, their all-inclusive service is customer friendly as they handle all inquiries and customer relations.

Limestone is a unique resource that is well suited to building in harsh Australian conditions. The expert community at Bruhn is a discerning team that aim to give clients the best experience at every stage, whether it be integrating Limestone into your home or taking care to source only the highest quality materials. Decorative and versatile, this stunning natural material can set any building apart with an awe-inspiring flair.

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