Chaos and colour draw audiences into Anya Brock’s reworked Monstera Collection. Combining abstract patterns and shapes, with contrasting colour, Anya has turned her attention to the tropical Monstera plant, enchanted by its bold leaves and soothing effect on interior spaces.

Intentionally distracting, the chaotic background and foreground gives way to linework dedicated to the iconic shapes of the Monstera leaves. This captivating collection interprets nature and translates Anya’s connection to the subject matter with her trademark use of vibrant colour.

Anya’s works transform ordinary spaces into bold, often traffic-stopping statements with public murals dotted around the world from her hometown, Perth, to bustling Los Angeles. Using creative intuition and a sophisticated colour palette Anya approaches each artwork with an unchained, unscripted attitude allowing semi-abstract interpretations to demonstrate her skills in linework and mark making.

Paintings of Monsteras
‘With Someone In Mind’
Paintings of Monsteras Losing my Bearings
‘Losing my Bearings’
Paintings of Monsteras Distant Longing
‘Distant Longing’
Paintings of Monsteras Deterred By What I Know
‘Deterred By What I Know’
Paintings of Monsteras Continuous Acceptance
‘Continuous Acceptance’
Paintings of Monsteras Reasured By It's Presence
‘Reasured By It’s Presence’
Paintings of Monsteras Return to You
‘Return to You’
Paintings of Monsteras The One I Don't Show
‘The One I Don’t Show’

As with all good art, Anya challenges audiences. Puzzling and mastered components have brought new life into abstract pieces exposing the potential the artform has to offer. The Monstera series is energetic, creative and inspiring; its pieces are the perfect addition to any home requiring vivacity and colour.

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