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On the seventh day of Christmas, my children gave to me, a precious recollection by David Bromley.

Stirring up precious memories from childhood, of a beloved family pet or an inspired moment immersed in nature David Bromley’s work in sculpture, painting and … has inspired its audience for over two decades. More than an investment Bromeleys work is a beautiful gift that is bound to find common ground with any recipient.

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On the seventh day of Christmas, ‘Paper Boy’ David Bromley. Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. 90 X 60cm


Reminiscent of days gone by “Paper Boy” from the Nostalgic Children’s Series is a piece that reminds us that childlike innocence is the same as it always has been. By capturing the soft boyish pout and sparkling eyes of the young subject Bromley represents the potential and wonder of the inner child. With signature bold Bromley linework and a smooth texture that comes with acrylic and oil on canvas, the piece will brighten any space and bring joy to its audience.

Christmas gift ideas

On the seventh day of Christmas, ‘Butterflies at Sunrise’ David Bromley. Oil on Canvas with Silver Metal Leaf Gilding. 101 X 153cm


Butterflies at Sunrise is a beautiful celebration of some of the natures most unique creatures. Diverse in colour, shape and size these brilliant insects almost transcend the two dimensional world and the more you look at them the more you expect them to continue their flight right off the canvas. The striking yellow and blue colour palette is contrasted by the silver metal leaf gilding adding dimension to the painting.

Christmas gift ideas

On the seventh day of Christmas, ‘All Eyes on Kate’ David Bromley. Unique State Work. 90 X 70CM


Embracing a softer moment in femininity “All eyes on Kate” is a gentle tribute to the feminine form. Possessing emotive eyes seem to look beyond the audience and the careful asymmetry of the mouth lead the observers to wonder what she could be thinking about. A bold Unique State work from David Bromley’s Nude series the piece is a giclee print with hand-coloured acrylic paint on Acid-Free art paper. The process of its creation and inspiration make it, unlike any other edition.

Christmas gift ideas

On the seventh day of Christmas, ‘Maiden Voyage’ Merino Wool Throw 130 X 210cm


Christmas gift ideas
On the seventh day of Christmas, ‘Moon Shadow’ Small Cotton Canvas Tote


Bromley’s vibrant and distinct works are also available in 100% Merino Wool Printed throws, artists bags and small cotton canvas tote features. These pieces are a result of the collaboration between David and his beautiful wife Yuge.