Teckell is uniquely Italian. A design firm with a captivating story that unfolds in five chapters: Design Technology, Exquisite Materials, Product Collections, Artisanal Experience and Core Values. Discover how Teckell perfectly combines high technology, avant-garde design and renowned Italian craftsmanship.

The brand’s signature is crystal, a material usually reserved for objects of purely aesthetic value. Instead, Teckell uses crystal to create functional objects, such as the marvellous pendulum clocks in the Takto Timepieces collection. Crystal is also at the heart of Teckell’s exquisite indoor pool and foosball tables and, new in 2018, board games.

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Calcio Balilla Collection

Teckell reinvents the classic foosball game while creating an exquisite design object.The collection offers an array of models. Each unites craftsmanship and technology; a perfect balance of tradition and innovation, manual arts and design. These tables are masters of their game, guaranteeing not only an unrivaled performance but exquisite beauty. Clean lines, splendid crystal and harmonious shapes. The perfect equilibrium between technology and artistry.

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Biliardo Collection

Teckell’s pool tables are a synthesis of innovation and tradition, art and design, technology and craftsmanship. These are incredibly creative and striking design objects.The collection’s models, renowned for their exceptional quality, add a dramatic presence to any room. These one-of-a-kind objects are the result of thinking way outside the box and maximizing the capacity of materials.

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Takto Timepieces

Takto Timepieces by Teckell takes on the eternal challenge of man versus time.These avant-garde clocks represent a triumph overcomplex technological, engineering and design challenges. The result is unprecedented timepieces in which the inner mechanism is visible yet perfectly protected. An extraordinary balance of form and function within a highly desired object.

Designer Clock

Teckell faces the perennial challenge of creating phenomenal products that also reflect the latest trends. Products that simultaneously exemplify minimal design, blend in well in a contemporary-classic setting and look perfect in an home with an exclusive style. Fine yet definite lines, extraordinary details and finishes set Teckell apart.

Learn about Teckell’s artisanal experience in Australia from IDEARE.   ideare.com.au


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