Multi-award winning Gremmo Homes has mastered the ability to meet the needs of Australian family living. In terms of design and construction, their homes are at the pinnacle of the rural and regional Australian market and this Dural home is a classic example.

Surrounded by nature, this spectacular residence has been constructed to maximise the inhabitant’s relationship with the landscape. From its vantage point in a natural clearing, the home is exposed to the beauty of natural Australian bushland without being overshadowed by mature trees. This is critical to the floorplan of the property which ensures the home has plenty of natural light in all areas of the home at all times of the day.

Through the use of extensive glazing and multiple access points, the home’s occupants are encouraged to connect with the outdoors and make use of multiple spaces that have been designed for regular use. Incorporating shaded areas for entertaining, a beautiful pool, a firepit and open lawn areas, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, the home is luxuriously Australian, inside and out.

The home’s exposed brickwork has been designed with the intent to create an inoffensive distinction between the dwelling and the landscape. The intentional architectural layering of dry pressed bricks finished in colossal glazing results in a moody violet facade with injections of rich maroon. This effect works particularly well with the black and grey tones and the warmth of timber finishes found thoughout the home

Modern and spacious, with clean simple lines and a sophisticated monochromatic palette, the home is comfortably stylish. The natural surroundings play a huge part in the home’s aesthetic and feature prominently in both private and communal spaces, taking full advantage of the relative isolation to maximise the rural living experience.

As with every Gremmo build, particular attention was paid to the environmental impact during all stages of the home’s construction. Hugging the natural topography of the site the build has been considerate and the natural elevation has been used to full advantage.

Smart technology, double glazing systems on windows and doors and Flame Zone compliance make this property perfect for the rural town of Dural, which experiences typically hot summers and is prone to bushfires.

Each Gremmo Homes project is able to capture the spirit of modern Australian living. Be it on the coast or the country, a new build or a renovation, a family home or a holiday getaway, Gremmo Homes can deliver any project with iconic style that translates into a personal connection.


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