The Rex – a majestic 1928 Spanish Art Deco theatre in the heart of Daylesford has witnessed the ebb and flow of time in its many incarnations. For the past six years, it has patiently awaited its renaissance, a rebirth that promises to infuse new life into its storied walls. Now, the time has come for the Rex building to emerge from its slumber, thanks to the pioneering spirit of David & Yuge Bromley, whose Daylesford gallery has for the past 9 years been right next door to the iconic building.

Bromley & Co’s commitment to the art of bricks-and-mortar retailing is as steadfast as ever. Yuge and David, the driving forces behind the venture, recognise the unique stage that street-level stores offer for engaging with clients on a personal level. It’s a return to the age-old approach where businesses are more than just transactions; they are conduits of experiences and connections. This visionary endeavor seeks to create a new precinct that resonates with a sense of community, history, and innovation.

The building, which is prominently positioned on Vincent Street, in the heart of Daylesford stands poised to become a centerpiece of Daylesford’s cultural and commercial landscape. As excitement builds for the dawn of a new era for the Rex building, Bromley & Co have extended a warm invitation to those in hospitality, retail, design, fashion, performance, and entertainment – calling for expressions of interest to join the precinct.

Potential partners who have envisioned something more than just a fleeting visit to Daylesford or who have contemplated extending their operations to regional Victoria are invited to take part in this visionary endeavor. To explore the limitless opportunities that lie within the Rex building’s walls,

Already, a constellation of exceptional operators is eagerly awaiting the chance to join this burgeoning precinct. However, the guiding principle behind this venture is to curate a mix of businesses that uplift one another, fostering an environment where individual success translates into collective prosperity. It’s not merely a collection of enterprises; it’s a symphony of aspirations, a collaboration that promises to set the stage for an effervescent and dynamic precinct.

Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Bromley & Co via email at or by contacting Yuge at 0414 361 755