For most Australians, our knowledge of The Hamptons is from the movies and TV  – a place where wealthy New Yorkers head for weekend tea parties and summer vacations. With a median price of $5 Million USD for a home in the Hamptons you’d expect the interiors to be appealing, but it’s the understated luxury, a look of casual coastal elegance that is what has made the Hamptons style decor so popular.

Features of the Hamptons home interior are classically styled pieces in a neutral palette of whites, greys, beige and a splash of blue. White painted wood, light timbers, oak wood, white panelling and nautical look pieces help to create the relaxed coastal ambience.

Sydney based One World Collection, who also have a presence in both London and Chicago, have an extensive range of beautiful Hamptons look furniture and accessories, recognising the increasing popularity and appeal of the look that represents a holiday lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Take a look at some of the examples below from the One World Collection available to purchase online and delivered to your door.

1. Beige Ottoman 2. 2 Drawer White Console 3. Nautical Clock 4. Nickel Lamp 5. Timber Bedhead 6. Beige Linen Armchair 7. Office Desk 8. Navy Striped Cushion 9. Cake Stand 10. Coffee Table 11. Grey & White Striped Chair Cover 12. Blue & White Lamp 13. Glass Base Lamp Striped Shade 14. Round Timber Coffee Table 15. Grey & White Sofa 16. Round Dining Table 17. Brass Grey Lamp 18. White Wood Rattan Bar Stool

One World Collection
Hamptons Home Decor Sydney