Lightning strikes sand, and volcanos fuse the elements to create the miracle of glass naturally. Over thousands of years, humans have been obsessed with perfecting and crafting the delicate material, and this rich, dramatic history has resulted in SØKTAS.

Inspiration strikes the team at SØKTAS as they create divine lighting through traditional glassblowing methods. With a deep passion and true understanding of the science and history behind glasswork Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts create unique light fixtures fit for any residence or commercial space. The dynamic duo met in Oslo, Norway, in 2015 and have brought their talents and skills together to set up shop in Currumbin on the Gold coast.

handblown glass lights

Using the techniques passed down from his grandfather and father, who have worked to master their craft at the renowned Kosta Boda Glassworks in Sweden, Oliver crafts and designs the glass masterpieces, shaping and blowing the creations by hand. Ryan runs the business, and together they provide exceptional pendant and wall lights for indoor and outdoor areas.

The significance of the beautiful pieces Oliver and Ryan deliver is only made more impressive by the arduous process of handcrafting glass. Oliver has been mastering his own style of glasswork since 2001, and the studio uses the best manufacturing tools to deliver the perfect piece every time. Oliver and Ryan understand that the glass furnace is the heart of each studio, and so they have sourced one-pot furnaces and materials all the way from Germany, which heat the glass at such high temperatures that the furnaces take four weeks to cool down and 14 days to return to their optimal heat of 1420 degree celsius. The pots are changed every 12 months to ensure that the best quality of glass is produced; through these traditional methods, SØKTAS are able to capture raw textures and features that characterise their products.

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Coral Wall lights in Burleigh Heads project

In a recent project, ABI Interiors chose a large Coral SØKTAS wall light to feature in one of their vibrant showrooms. The subtle rings of light that flow from the centre illuminate the kitchen with a soft glow that highlights the gentle tones of the wall and accentuates the brushed brass tapware. The inclusion of the Coral light exemplifies the importance of individual design pieces to a room. The artful addition of the SØKTAS lighting ties the room together, allowing the components to stand out in the minimalism. The Coral wall light selection adds depth to white light softening it in the frosted glass as pictured or highlighting the clarity of the glass in the clear option. Mimicking the shape and textures of ocean corals, the Coral range draws parallels between nature and art. The collection is available in three different sizes and comes with customisable wall fixtures, which are available in a brass finish, matte black or white. This allows them to fit any colour scheme.

handblown glass lights 2ABI Interiors Showroom

The Flo Wall light captures movement in the glass, mirroring the room’s materials like enchanted water suspended and anchored by a custom wall fixture. Crafted from molten glass and hand-blown at one thousand degrees celsius, the malleability of molten glass is recaptured, refracting light from within the contoured form. The nature of the process of glass blowing and the design of the Flo Wall Lights means that no two lights are the same, and each piece brings a character of its own.

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The OLLO pendant lights are beautifully blown into a rounded diamond shape and look divine on their own or clustered together on a pendant that holds seven. Illuminating the room with simple delicacy, the OLLO design is well suited for powder rooms or closets and comes in a variety of shades; grey, clear and tea which is a soothing pink tone. Suspended by steel cables and capped with customisable lamp holders, the OLLO collection adds a touch of elegance and symmetry to any room.

handblown glass lights

In contemporary and traditional designs, SØKTAS pendant and wall lights invite a soothing atmosphere, and the SØKTAS team promises character and individuality in each of their pieces with the unique patterns and subtle differences found in hand blown glass. This way, you can guarantee that although the quality remains the same across the broad selection of products, you’ll never find the exact same piece in any other space.

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