Established in Melbourne on 11-11-11, The Christopher Boots Studio has since gained a global following for their spectacular sculptural lighting that explores the interplay between nature, architecture, symbology and geology. Boots’ love for the physical and metaphysical qualities of quartz crystal has seen it feature extensively throughout the collection and resulted in the stunning pieces being playfully referred to as ‘jewels’ for the home.

Originally designed exclusively for the Hermès holiday vitrines in New York, the latest show-stopping addition to the collection is Wings of Pegasus that reflects the mystical qualities of the mythical creature and the dazzling brilliance of the constellation. Exquisitely handcrafted in carefully selected pieces of quartz, this stunning piece of illuminated art recalls the story of Pegasus, the offspring of the gorgon Medusa and god of the sea, Poseidon. Associated with the Muses, the goddesses of the arts and inspiration, Pegasus was said to have created its namesake constellation by striking the ground with its hooves, inspiring the collection’s astral expression.

Despite the international acclaim and demand for their work, every work of art is still painstakingly handmade in the Melbourne studio with love and dedication by the Christopher Boots team of talented artisans. Through collaborative efforts with glass blowers, bronze foundries, sculptors, metal smiths, and stonemasons, their commitment to quality is upheld, while embracing an exploratory spirit that gives birth to stunning collections – each bringing transformative beauty to architecture with an unexpectedly emotional impact.

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