A spectacular fusion of classic & modern design, this glamorous East Brisbane home combines the visionary style of Greg Natale with the meticulous craftsmanship of CHS Building to create a luxurious residence that’s been dubbed the ‘Gucci Mansion’.

Renowned Australian designer Greg Natale mesmerises us yet again with his luxury design of this three storey, five bedroom, luxury Brisbane custom home, situated on the Brisbane River. Drawing inspiration from his Italian heritage and the owners’ deep connection to Italy, Natale embraces a modern palazzo theme in celebration of the clients’ passion for art and all things Italian. The exterior design, which incorporated a row of arches, set the stage for an interior that celebrates the beauty and elegance of this classic architectural element.

In response to the owners’ request for a predominantly dark palette, Natale masterfully employs luxurious Nero Marquina marble floors, featuring striking black expanses or geometric patterns paired with white marble. Arches grace the hallways, walls, doors, windows, and shelving, creating a harmonious flow and accentuating the graceful silhouette of bold furnishings. This layered approach, combining classic influences with contemporary luxury, combines to create the home’s sumptuous aesthetic.

The grandeur of the staircase takes center stage, as colossal black slabs of marble evoke the spirit of grand Italian spaces whilst arches unfold above in all their magnificence, painted in gray velvety stucco, directing attention to their classical lines and providing tantalizing glimpses of adjoining rooms. A contemporary pendant light descending through the staircase’s void adds to the brass accents that are found throughout the residence.

In the kitchen, rich velvet stools highlight the gold threads of the stunning Paonazzetto marble benchtop and bookmatched splashback.

Personal paintings and collected artworks adorn the walls, enhanced by a mix of vintage and contemporary European furniture and an array of patterned wallpaper treatments, which inject rich bursts of color. Delicate finger tiles crafted from brass elegantly trace the curves of the arches, infusing the house with a luminous quality that beautifully offsets the darker tones and accentuates the visual transitions between spaces and materials.

The arches, ever-present in the design narrative, resume their tale within the stunning master-suite. From the curved bedhead in a rich velvet that echoes the russet tones of the cranes in the Gucci wallpaper, to the recessed shelves, steel-framed windows, and doorways leading to the adjacent ensuite, arches imbue the space with a sense of fluidity.

A backdrop of gray fabric wallpaper adds texture, providing a perfect canvas for the gray marble bath and black vanities. Brass accents, found in the arched mirrors, intricate details, and delicate finger tiles, enhance the curvaceous forms, transforming these rooms into an enchanting symphony of graceful glamour.

Luxury Home East Brisbane

This luxury Brisbane custom home is an outstanding example of the spectacular outcomes that can be achieved with collaboration. In this case the combined forces of creative powerhouse Greg Natale  Natale and the exceptional craftsmanship of luxury Brisbane custom home builder, CHS Building.

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