For those seeking the ultimate in ‘designer interiors’, boutique design agency Palazzo Designo, a division of luxury brand retailer Palazzo Collezioni have an impeccable record of delivering spectacular outcomes that involve some of the world’s leading luxury brands including Fendi Casa, Roberto Cavalli Home, Versace Home, Bentley Home and many others.

The owners of this luxury Vaucluse residence in Sydney appointed Palazzo’s highly experienced and qualified team to undertake the new home’s interior design. Involving the hands-on and creative crew right from the start was an insightful move and meant the builder, client and design team developed a close relationship, collaborating, brainstorming and developing ideas organically throughout every stage of the project.

The outcome is magnificent – and it is clear that each vision was brought to fruition with unsurpassed attention to detail right to the last millimetre of the height of the chandelier above the bath.

The brief was to create a modern timeless interior design with a soft warmth and feeling of opulence that did not distract from the natural beauty of the Sydney Harbour views. Rather, the mandate required an integration of the breathtaking views as key components in all the internal spaces, including the bathrooms, thus balancing the beauty of the outside environment with an embracing sense of tranquillity and calm within the home.


This is impeccably achieved through selection and use of soft and warm colour schemes and accents of timeless hues that ensure all interior spaces blend harmoniously with the magnificence of the outside harbour views. Sumptuous luxury Italian furnishings in a choice of core blues and greens highlight the reflections of the water making the home seem almost an extension of the sweeping beauty beyond its walls.

Of focal importance to the client was that all materials – such as natural stone slab sizes and custom angled brass detail – had no visible joins. This was particularly important in the detailing of all wall finishes and the junctions where materials merged and changed.

Winner of the International Design & Architecture Award for best bathroom, the master ensuite is – a large, clean, uncluttered space where the simplicity of every element is designed to balance and flow seamlessly to the oversized master bedroom and the ever changing harbour view outside – the detailing of the brass trims in the walls between each tile is quite exquisite. Each trim intersects with 5mm seamless brass shadow lines and flows back into the rest of the wall tiles creating a complex level of detail that is pulled back to a level of simplicity so that each of the raw materials speak for themselves – the patina of the brass, the white and grey vein of the marble slab walls, and the natural crystallisation of the mosaic tiles which glimmer in the light. To emphasis the beautiful materials, all clutter is hidden by concealed overhead vanity cabinets to the sides of the walls and set behind a full wraparound mirror. Even the shelving in the shower is built inside the shower seat thus obscured from view from anywhere but inside the shower itself.

The Versace towel rails and glass door knobs are pretty fabulous too but the real highlight, the jewel of the bathroom is the perimeter drum chandelier fully clad in bevelled crystals above the bath!

This design is unique in its use of space and materials. From the concealed wall units, the raised floor with sunken bath and the large bench behind the bath, Plazzo have created a space where you can’t bypass the feeling that you should be entertaining in here with a Dom Perignon and a couple of glass overflowing with champagne.

This beautiful project epitomises the Palazzo design mantra that “detail will always reign supreme”. Through Palazzo’s key luxury Italian furnishing partners they have ensured realisation of their client’s dream – that their home is turned into a flawless, exquisite internationally high level luxury residence desirable for all types of clientele and future owners from all cultural backgrounds.

This stunning luxury interior design project was featured in our 2019 luxury annual – CUSTOM HOMES