Where once was a rather dull and uninspiring space – essentially a section of lawn beside the pool, is now a garden full of character, colour and texture, thanks to the team at Spirit Level Designs, whose mission is to create beautiful gardens that have a sense of connection both to the natural environment and to the people who will spend time in them.

The lawn was removed and replaced with a mound garden which adds shape, colour and interest to the garden and the existing travertine paving was complimented with recycled sandstone, including a quaint sandstone table.

A stunning stone fireplace was created using stone salvaged from a site in Bondi and meticulously pieced together by Spirt Level’s skilled stonemason demonstrating the commitment to quality workmanship that Spirt Level are renowned for.

In the front garden, plants that were struggling with the shady conditions were replaced with a water feature and other shade loving plants such as Acanthus mollis, Plectranthus Mona Lavender, Dichondra and native violet.

See more of Spirit Level’s work at www.spiritlevel.com.au