Stylish and sophiticated, Manhattan apartment style interiors are a reflection of the metropolis itself. Sleek contemporary furniture, luxurious materials and stand out show pieces combine for a curated, eclectic look. Zones are defined in large open plan living spaces with clever placement of furniture such as consoles, shelving and rugs.


Get the look with these Manhattan Apartment style pieces below:

1. Alexa Stool Black

PRICE $639.00

Description:Decorating with animal hide furniture introduces an element of exotic luxury, providing warmth, texture and pattern. Whether your decor is Western chic, Spanish Revival or African safari, the Alexa Stool makes the statement to anchor your room. Less is more when it comes to hides.

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2. Ally Chair

PRICE $1,489.00

Description:The sophisticated contemporary shape and luxe finish of the Ally Chair translates easily into a variety of decor environment. Polished stainless steel and the richness of leather upholstery provide textural contrast and a modern aesthetic. Co-ordinate with a hide rug, contemporary furniture and accents of African tribal elements in artwork and statement pieces.

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3. Anatole Check 4 Drawer Sideboard

PRICE $2,379.00

Description:The luxurious finish of anatole receives an quirky makeover with a patchwork design of silver, brass and copper panels. Inspire and transform your space with this look-at-me piece, allowing it to be the hero of the room.

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4. Art Deco Bar Trolley


PRICE $1,649.00

Description:Art Deco lines and the look of Regency Hollywood define our statement Bar Trolley in a glamorous marriage of smoke glass shelves and sleek nickel. Evoking the elegance and sophistication of 50’s Manhattan, think Mad Men inspired decor.

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5. Lynne Dining Table Marble


PRICE $2,435.00

Description:For the ultimate in luxury, the Lynne Collection is a fusion of classic Athenian marble and contemporary polished stainless steel. Characterised by clean geometric shapes, it connects effortlessly with casual or formal architecture.

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6. Egg Chair Chateau Blue

PRICE $2,429.00

Description:With a nod to the iconic Egg Chair of 1956, our version is inspired by the fighter planes of World War II. Aerodynamic curves that are aluminium wrapped provide a swept back sense of speed and the exhiliration of flight. Swathed in the luxury of vintage style leather it merges substance with style.

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7. Sammy 3 Seat Sofa Navy

PRICE $2,409.00

Description:The Sammy Sofa is on trend this season, upholstered in navy blue velour. With gentle contours and a simple silhouette co-ordinate with modern American occasional furniture. Layer the room with various shades of blue and teal in cushions, artwork and rug.

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8. Niche Shelving Unit

PRICE $1,989.00

Description:With its linear inspiration the Niche Shelving Unit features the contemporary pairing of polished stainless steel and smoke glass.

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9. Arco Baleno Canvas


PRICE $329.00

Description:Contemporary art is an easy and effective way to establish a mood in your space. Let the colours tie the room together.

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10. Arrow Stripe Black Cushion

PRICE $189.00

Description:Effective styling starts by layering your room with beautiful cushions and throws that unify the scheme and provide rich texture, pattern and detail. Black with metallic accents provide a sophisticated edge. Mix and match the range to update or create a fresh new look for your bedroom and living space.

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11. Greenwich Rug


PRICE $2,899.00

Description:Set the foundation for a well appointed home with a beautiful carved rug. Think the sleek urban refinement of a Manhattan apartment with a mix of smooth leather, wood and steel and a minimal palette of black, charcoal and white.

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