Why choose ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Classic Studio Au create unique liquid metal finishes that can be applied to almost anything, transforming ordinary objects such as standard doors, garage doors, walls, cabinetry and more with a liquid metal coating that makes them appear like luxurious solid metal.

Classic Studio Au’s extraordinary product is literally liquefied metal applied to the surface. Options include a myriad of metal finishes including brass, copper, nickel, bronze, gold, rose gold, graphite and many more. Textures and patinas can then also be added which opens up the creative process to an endless array of possibilities, enabling you to create a finish that is entirely exclusive to your project.

An example of some of the unique finishes that can be achieved can be seen below:

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The process begins with reviewing some of the samples of previous finishes. Classic Studio Au will then proceed to alter the sample to match your specific requirements, customising the product to the exact tone and texture you wish to achieve. Once you approve the sample Classic Studio Au will apply it to the chosen surface whether panelling, doors, garage doors, cabinetry or any other surface. This process can take up to three weeks depending on the finish. One of the great benefits of Classic Studio Au’s liquid metal finishes is that within only a couple of weeks an aged appearance can be achieved that would normally take 15 years to occur naturally!

Take a look below at some of the striking finishes achieved by Classic Studio Au’s liquid metal finishes.

Liquid Metal Finishes 011

Liquid Metal Finishes 023

Liquid Metal Finishes 031

Liquid metal finishes

Liquid Metal Finishes 033

Liquid Metal Finishes 035

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