It was in Michigan, in the Spring of 1928 when cousins, Edward Knabusch and Edwin Schoemaker used the timber from orange crates to put together the very first chair with a mechanism that simultaneously pushed the seat forward and tilted back. A later suggestion to upholster the chair turned their creation into the very first La-Z-Boy recliner!

Over 90 years later, the famous La-Z-Boy recliner is still a comfort favourite in homes all over the world and with a multi-generational history, often evokes our memories as children cuddling up with grandparents for story-time on their La-Z-Boys.

To last this long in the very competitive furniture game, they’re clearly doing something right. A commitment to both innovation and quality that includes a genuine Lifetime Warranty on the reclining mechanism of the traditional La-Z-Boy recliner are no doubt contributing factors. They’re also creating chairs for every new generation, modern, customisable designs that cater to both style trends and the expectations of each new customer group.

The static Arna chairs pictured above and the United (1st Class) powered recliner pictured below are great examples of this – with the latter having a zero-gravity / lay-flat feature, supreme comfort and even the option of an App that remembers your favourite seating (or lying) positions!

Luxury Recliners2

But ultimately like the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the proof of the chair is in the seating – La-Z-Boy claims their chairs are so comfortable you really don’t want to get out of them! So grab a coffee and get down to your local La-Z-Boy showroom, take a seat, relax and find out for yourself.

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