With a rich heritage that spans decades, Natuzzi has solidified its position as a symbol of Italian excellence in design and craftsmanship capturing the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle, while fusing tradition with innovation. This reputation sets the stage for the unveiling of Natuzzi’s Comfortness Collection.

At its core, Comfortness embodies Natuzzi’s longstanding commitment to comfort, a defining element of its style and history and features pieces designed by both internationally renowned designers and the Natuzzi Style Center.  Building upon the insights garnered from previous editions of The Circle of Harmony – a project initiated in 2020 to envision Natuzzi Italia’s stylistic evolution, Comfortness explores the true meaning of comfort. Derived from the ancient French word “confort,” meaning “what gives strength,” Comfortness represents a holistic approach to living, nurturing physical, visual, and mental well-being. With this collection, Natuzzi Italia seeks to harmonise comfort, design, and functionality, recognising comfort as the cornerstone of harmonious living.

Central to the Comfortness Collection is the Wellbe sofa, a testament to relaxation-oriented design. This sofa epitomises the pursuit of joy amidst the complexities of modern life, enhancing both physical and mental well-being. Featuring a triple-motion system, the Wellbe sofa allows independent adjustment of the seat, backrest, footrest, and headrest, amplifying the comfort experience. With over 100 colour options in fabric or leather and customizable configurations, Wellbe caters to diverse preferences while incorporating ergonomic technology to support postural health.


Inspired by the timeless beauty of Apulia, the Wellbe sofa boasts an organic form and natural colour palette that soothes the senses. Its technical prowess reflects Natuzzi Italia’s expertise in upholstered seating systems, offering a seamless blend of form and function. The sofa’s intuitive controls, flexible armrest, and integrated USB charging point enhance user experience, while a dedicated app provides convenient access to its features.

Complementing the Wellbe sofa is the Square coffee table, characterized by its compact yet versatile design. Equipped with drawers, shelves, and wheels for mobility, the Square table seamlessly integrates into any space. Its thoughtful features, including full-extension drawers with a push-to-open mechanism, exemplify Natuzzi Italia’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Natuzzi Italia’s Comfortness Collection redefines comfort as a way of life, intertwining luxury with well-being to create spaces that nurture the body and soul. Through the Wellbe sofa and accompanying furnishings, Natuzzi Italia invites individuals to embark on a journey of comfort and harmony in their living environments.

Find out more about the Comfortness Collection at www.natuzzi.com.au