Justin Bruhn’s spectacular marine photographs bring the magnificence and mystery of the ocean into offices, hotels and luxury homes.

Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef and a place of breathtaking beauty, is an unexpected art studio but this is where you’ll find multi-award winning underwater photographer Justin Bruhn creating his coveted, exclusive, premium-quality artworks and images for luxury residences and holiday homes, hotels, foyers, offices and other interior design installations around the globe.

With my art, I create enveloping, immersive experiences, to transport the viewer to a dreamlike reality, deep in the ocean’s depths, from the heart of your living room, hotel room or officespace.

Nothing is more inspiring than beauty and, arguably, nothing is more beautiful than the natural world. With a camera as his paint brush and the deep sea as his canvas, Justin’s distinctive and exquisite ocean images are simultaneously serene yet profoundly emotional. They are filled with a realness that evokes feelings of joy, upliftment, awe, love, and, for the fortunate few, memories – connecting viewers, in breathtaking detail, with magical underwater moments rarely captured on film.

A life-long connection with the ocean is so obvious in the beautiful spirituality of Justin’s artworks. Growing up near South Australia’s beaches, he has been diving for as long as he remembers and, when working as a dive instructor on the Great Barrier Reef sharing the ocean’s magic with his students and seeing the power of collective awe and gratitude, he had an epiphany: “I felt such an overwhelming need to share this mystical beauty of the underwater world – to connect people with our amazing marine life so they feel inspired to take more care of our oceans”.

The result is an extraordinary artist on a mission: “My work is very much about raising awareness of the vulnerability of our magnificent oceans. With my first fin kick below the surface the creative process begins. I relax into a tranquil state of active meditation and begin the search for a captivating subject that will unite people – in their homes, holiday destinations, and boardrooms – with the wonder of a world that remains largely hidden from sight. “Clearly, for this passionate marine conservationist and photographer, who has formed a partnership with the Australian Marine Conservation Society contributing a portion of all sales to support marine protection projects in Australia, his art is much more than something to fill a wall space or colour match with a lounge. It is an offering, a gift, an enthralling experience, a compelling yet peaceful presence, created to inspire, arouse and captivate.

It’s no surprise then that Justin’s photographs are immersive art installations evoking beautiful ocean experiences, feelings and sensations. Discerningly positioned in hotels, resorts, luxury homes, office spaces or in fact in any stylish or bespoke property, they are artistic gifts to fuel dreams and imbue spaces and souls with calm, peace, enrichment and wonder.

Justin Bruhn collectors, followers and collaborators are extensive and wide-spread. Since 2013 when his work was accepted into the prestigious David Hart Galleries on the Sunshine Coast, his underwater images have been procured by bespoke 5 star hotels and resorts throughout Australia as well as by collectors of fine art, owners of private residences and sumptuous holiday homes, major property developers, luxury builders, and interior designers for hotels and ‘Turquoise’ – Ocean Art Collection corporate interiors.

His range of Australian Made gifts are sold in a number of luxury retail outlets and island boutiques nationally and he is also launching his images into other mediums such as superlative textiles and sumptuous wallpapers for multiple interior design and architectural applications. His signature framing style, acrylic wall mounts which appear to be “floating “off the wall, are in high demand and perfect for all types of modern interiors.

Recently awarded the Sunshine Coast Business award in the Creative Industries category Justin continues to expand his successful business working more closely with interior designers and architects to enhance places of beauty and wonder in larger residential and commercial projects. Watch out fine art world – Justin Bruhn is coming soon to a space near you, creating realms of experience to soothe, invigorate, inspire, immerse and provoke.

See more of Justin’s spectacular underwater photography at www.pureunderwaterimaging.com