The owners of this new Mt Lawley residence had a 1930’s bungalow-style home in one of Perth’s inner city suburbs. The home featured stunning Art Deco detailing throughout, including art deco ceilings and windows but it was aging and in need of a big overhaul. Owners Peter and Dave decided to look for a new abode with similar features but their search was without luck. Locating a fabulous site in Mt Lawley with a demolition ready home, they decided to build their dream home with all the art deco details they were seeking and the finished home is quite extraordinary, sitting inconspicuously amongst the grand neighbouring homes of original age, so that unless one looked thrice you might never guess it was brand new. 

Art Deco bathtub

One of the outstanding details of this charming new residence with a yesteryear feel, are the spectacular art deco style leadlight windows that feature throughout the entire home designed and created by Perth’s Tradition Stained Glass. As Perth’s premier glass artisans, TSG have not only restored  many authentic period style homes for clients, builders and architects but have also been regularly commissioned to recreate this unique style in many homes of distinction here in Perth. That experience made them very familiar with authentic art-deco style including what types of glasses were traditionally used.

“It is the is the mixture of glass with  different clear textures that makes a classic Art Deco leadlight including custom handmade bevelled glass and convex slumped feature inserts” says TSG’s Director and head glass artist,  Kim Fitzpatrick.

Art Deco sitting area

Art Deco living room

Art Deco window

Each beautifully crafted window and door, incorporates the classic geometric patterns of the Art Deco style. Kim, was given free-reign to design each artwork adding a splash of colour to the bedroom and formal living area windows at the client’s request and both client and Kim were thrilled with the outcome. 

Stained Glass Window Perth

This lovely stained glass feature window was also custom designed and created for the project

 “We are very proud of our contribution to this truly amazing home where many fine tradesmen worked together” says Kim. “Sometimes, not all the time, we get a chance to shine with what we really do best and are given license to create what we believe will work within the client’s brief. This kind of trust is never taken lightly and in Peter and Dave’s case it really motivated our team to strive for excellence in both creativity and craftsmanship . All these factors helped us to succeed in creating  what we feel are beautiful artworks that add to the overall character of the home.” 

More examples of some of TSG’s exceptional work can be seen on the TSG website: 

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