When it comes to real estate investment there are properties, and then there are once in a lifetime opportunities – the chance to acquire something truly unique… enter the Old Castlemaine Gaol, a transformative space curated by artists David & Yuge Bromley.

Recently launched on the market the 163 year old gaol not only offers astute buyers the opportunity to acquire a slice of history, but an unbelievable collection of art and curiosities that tells stories of the gaol’s history, its past residents, and of the passion of this incredible creative duo.

Over the last five years, Custom Homes has followed the story of the creation of this awe inspiring space – rrom the Bromley’s initial purchase of the Gaol back in 2018, to the labour of love, blood, sweat and tears over many years that have gone into creating what is now The Bromley Collection Museum  –  a reimagination that pays respect to the past, whilst attracting a new audience to a surreal Alice in Wonderland like experience.

Situated in picturesque Castlemaine, the former lockup dates back to 1861, modelled after London’s infamous Pentonville Prison. But beyond its historic façade, now lies a world of creativity and possibility.

Speaking of the original inspiration behind purchasing the property, David says, “I’m an artist and I guess even from an early age I had this desperate need to surround myself with beautiful things. Even when I didn’t have any money, I found myself in old rail yards collecting industrial patterns, trawling through op shops or being a bit of beachcomber picking up pieces of wood,”

“For 40 years I’ve been collecting and I’ve never really stopped hunting and gathering, that’s how the collection came to be…. when we were looking for a space our agent Kim McQueen showed us a few unusual things like old hotels but I said, look, Kim let’s not waste any time. I want something really wild. A few days later she said ‘I think I’ve found just the thing’,”

The transformation is truly amazing, a space that was once a place of incarceration and deprivation is now abundant with colour and fun things to look at, from giant sculptures to curios and wall murals. Stark prison cells have been transformed into micro galleries, with the entire museum containing over 1000 individual artworks and curios from all over the world.“To present the collection we have endeavoured to take the gaol from spooky and a reminder of oppressive confinement, to an almost ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ meets ‘Edward Scissorhands’. It’s an eccentric collection with some key pieces ranging from a huge Japanese ceramic collection anchored in some Australian classics like Charles Blackman”.

“It took us five years to get it to the stage where we felt when the doors were open it would really astonish people. There are options in the purchase of the property that if someone wants part or all of it we’ll negotiate. We’re open and we’re going into this prepared for any scenario. Having said that, in our eyes it’s actually one gigantic installation, a curated piece,”

Priced from $10 million, the property offers not just a building, but a myriad of opportunities to build on what has already been created by this remarkable team.

But why part with such a masterpiece? Bromley explains, “We have some huge projects in China coming up and we’re making some really amazing loft-style furniture in India. We’re not tourism operators, or food and beverage people. We’re creatives and our most joyous time is with family and time spent in the studio making art.”

Monika Tu, of Black Diamondz Property, describes the gaol as one of the most unique properties she’s ever listed. “It’s a very unique place and what they have done there is amazing. Within one day of listing it I already had several calls:

With expressions of interest closing on May 31, this isn’t just a property; it’s an opportunity to own a  piece of history, creativity, and endless potential.

To express interest in this remarkable property contact:

Monika Tu – 0434 745 898



Bromley at Castlemaine Gaol