Inspired by the tones, textures and silhouettes of the rugged headlands, bays and landmarks that define Victoria’s iconic coastal region, Kett Furniture’s new ‘Portland’ collection celebrates solid timber and gentle curves, in dining tables, seating, and a series of refined coffee tables that upholds Kett’s ethos of delivering quality Australian made furniture that stands the test of time.

Portland, Victoria, is a coastal town where rugged cliffs embrace the sea. Home to the only deep-water international port in Victoria, Portland plays a pivotal role in the trade of commodities like grain, timber, and aluminum. Elegantly preserved historic buildings grace Portland’s streets, and the iconic Whalers Bluff Lighthouse, reflects its colonial and maritime history. The 19th-century architecture, featuring the Portland Town Hall, Court House, and Customs House, maintains the town’s old-world allure.
Exploration of Portland’s rich landscape has inspired the addition of new Kett finishes. Designed by Justin Hutchinson Kett Furniture’s Design Director, the Portland Collection introduces a new dark, smoky timber, contemporary lacquers in subdued tones and a range of deep, muted ceramics.

Furniture Inspired by Nature

Portland Collection by Kett Furniture Dining Table

With nearly two decades of experience, Justin champions quality Australian made furniture, believing that at the heart of the Portland collection lies with the expertise of local artisans, whose meticulous care and advanced techniques bring authenticity and character to each piece.

This is reflected in the unique curved design that is seen in the solid timber legs of the Portland collection tables which requires precision and care to execute. Each piece of furniture is consequently viewed as  collaborative work of art between designer and local craftsmen.

Australian Made Furniture

Australian Made Furniture

Dining Table by Kett FUrniture


Seamlessly integrating in both traditional and contemporary spaces, as is the ethos with all Kett’s collections, each piece within the Portland range is created to be appreciated well beyond a single design cycle, making it a worthy investment that will be cherished for years to come.

The collection is further enriched by a series of photographs that draw inspiration from our stunning landscape and in this collection has a series of Photographs from Portland’s Landscape.

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