When you’re building a new home, a lot of time and consideration is usually put into the design of certain spaces, the kitchen, living areas, bathrooms and master suite understandably get the most attention. The entry however is often overlooked and yet it is the very first thing that visitors see, in fact it’s all that some people such as couriers will ever see, so put some consideration into what the entry area says about your home.

Here are some great ways to create a grand entrance and make a fabulous first impression:


1. Gated Entry

Don’t you think there’s something about a gated entry that makes you want to see inside even more? Perhaps it’s a sense of mystery about what lies beyond…  

Have a look at some of these gated entries that not only look fabulous but provide additional security for the home.  

Brian Lee Custom BuildersGated entry to Luxury Melbourne town homes by Melbourne Custom Home Builder – Brian Lee

Brisbane Custom Homes
Rustic lights and feature stone accompany this gated entry of Hamptons style home by Brisbane’s Toscano Constructions

Dragons, flower of life emblems and vibrant red doors indicate this is the entry to somewhere very special. Click to see more.

Custom Gates and Balustrading PerthCustom-made entry gates and fencing by Perth’s Unique Balustrading complete this luxury home. 


2. Custom Entry Doors

Doors come in many shapes and sizes and if you’re building a custom home there is no reason why you shouldn’t start with an entry door made just for you, just take a look at some of these unique custom made entry doors that really make an entry statement.

Spectacular custom designed glass art door by Tradition Stained Glass Perth

Custom made steel and glass door by Perth’s Ozsteel Design

Bronze Smooth Crosshatch door by Axolotl

Custom 3D Printed Door by Axolotl 

Custom metal finish door and handle by Axolotl


3. Grand Entry Foyer

Nothing is quite as impressive as a grand entry foyer that visitors step into. Take a look at some examples below of entry foyers that welcome your guests in style. 

Bright and welcoming entry in luxury custom home by Brisbane’s MCD Construction

Entry foyer in renovated art-deco style home

Stylish, sophisticated entry foyer in contemporary custom home by Zorzi Builders

Stunning entry foyer in Le Fanu cottage, Perth period home luxuriously restored by Zorzi Builders

Entry in spectacular contemporary Brisbane home by Greg Natale

Grand Entrance in luxury home by Pirone Builders

Grand Entry to Australian Home of the Year by Adrian Zorzi

Opulant entry foyer in award-winning home by Zorzi Builders

4. Staircase to Entry

The slope of your building site could dictate whether or not you actually need one, but the staircases leading to the doors of these luxury custom homes certainly make the entry appear a little grander.  

Gate & Stairs to entry of this luxurious Melbourne custom home by Greska Homes 

Staircase to entry in rural style home by Gremmo Homes

Staircase to spectacular Sydney custom home by Schenk Constructions 

Staircase to luxury Perth custom home by Brian Burke Homes

5. Portico to Entry

Defined as a ‘porch with columns’, a portico entry like these stunning examples below is bound to impress guests. 

Portico entry to gorgeous Hamptons style home by Brian Burke Homes

Portico Entry in Luxury Custom Home Portico in luxury custom home by Zorzi Builders

Portico entry in Hamptons style home by Brisbane Custom Builder Toscano Constructions 

Covered portico entry in luxury custom home by Melbourne’s Brian Lee