Elevate your new bathroom or master ensuite to a new level with Victoria + Albert’s stylish Amiata range, customised to the colour of your choice!

Victoria + Albert have forged a well-earned reputation as world leaders in baths and basins. Using a unique material called Quarrycast, Victoria + Albert has unlocked a new level of practicality and beauty in their own blend of volcanic limestone and high-performance resins. Soft chalky limestone is blended with liquid magma. The result is an incredibly hard composite stone that is resistant to stains, surprisingly light and warm to the touch. The structure of the stone contains the memory of elemental forces, and this contributes to the product’s patented technology, which keeps the water warmer for longer.

Victoria + Albert’s Amiata collection has a compact footprint with an iconic, expanding shape that flows out in a gentle sweep. The freestanding design means that taps are installed externally to the bath itself, which leaves more room to relax and sink beneath the water without the worry of inconveniently placed tapware.

Designed by the award-winning team at Italian design studio Meneghello Paolelli Associati, the streamlined silhouette of the Amiata range reflects the team’s specialisation in industrial consultancy which makes the Amiata range work beautifully in both traditional and modern bathroom designs.

Through a unique customisation process, Victoria + Albert has made its luxury bath collections even more personal, allowing buyers to customise their bath in a myriad of different colours, with an easy selection also available in categories that include Brazillian Modernism, Belgium Minimalism and American Post Modernism, making the right choice for your coloured bath even easier.

Multilayered with exceptional depth and lustre, the durable and inspired finish of each custom coloured bath and basin is achieved by hand polishing each surface between applications. Each bath is made to order to personal taste, colour preference and finish, which also includes a 100% matt finish across most baths and basin styles. The Amiata collections are among these styles, and the breathtaking effect of a 100% matt Amiata bath could define any room such as the black finish in this gorgeous bathroom below:

(Photo by Martin Philbey)

If you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable freestanding bath that doesn’t compromise practicality or originality, you can’t look past the customisable collections at Victoria + Albert.

Victoria + Albert baths and basins are available in Australia from Gro Agencies