Desiring a unique statement piece for their upper level living space, the owners of this contemporary Mullaloo home approached glass artisans Tradition Stained Glass, to custom design and create a glass artwork that would complement their coastal abode and could also be illuminated for added effect.

Given creative license, glass artist and Tradition Stained Glass owner, Kim Fitzpatrick designed a striking fused glass artwork, a technique which he has become renowned for which involves combining glass of varying types and colours together in a super-hot kiln until the glass blends together to create one piece. The ‘melting’ process allows the glass to merge together creating beautiful fluid abstract shapes and forms. Emulating the waves of the stunning ocean views visible in the background, Kim chose blue tones for the design and sourced an rare 60 year old piece of solid Jarrah from Bridgetown with natural burl edges to create a solid timber frame to house the artwork and the state of the art LED lighting system.

Remotely controlled by the owner, both the the colour and brightness can be altered for hundreds of varying mood effects, adding a dynamic element to the already striking artwork and enabling the entire ambiance of the space to be altered at the touch of a button.

Being ‘nearly’ unbreakable, Kim’s extraordinary fused glass artworks have a multitude of architectural applications and can be easily integrated into residential and commercial spaces, not only as wall art but as illuminated wall panels, splashbacks and stunning poolside water features.

Art Glass Perth 2

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More examples of some of TSG’s exceptional work can bseen on the TSG website:

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